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Message From The Washington DC Guardian Angels

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  • John Ayala
    Since All Hands on Deck (AHOD) May 7, 2010, the Guardian Angels have conducted over 25 bus and train patrols in Washington, DC. We are pleased to say that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2010
      Since All Hands on Deck (AHOD) May 7, 2010, the Guardian Angels have
      conducted over 25 bus and train patrols in Washington, DC.

      We are pleased to say that since we have been conducting our safety patrols, the Metro Police, Station Managers, Train Conductors, Bus Operators and Commuters have rolled out the red carpet for the Guardian Angels. Quite a few Metro Police thank us for assisting them in and around the Metro Station. The bus drivers have told us that when we are on their bus they feel safe, customers pay their fare and the buses are much more quiet. They are always asking us
      if we can stay the whole shift. The commuters on buses and trains thank us for volunteering to assist with them getting to their destination safe.

      When The Guardian Angels patrol the buses and trains, we are there to help cut down on the violence by being a deterrent. We report all crime we witness to police and we get invovled if someone needs assistance. The Guardian Angels will not stand by and watch anyone be a victim of crime; we get involved.

      In the month of May, there was a 17 yr old shot on a metro bus, a
      grandmother assulted on a metro bus, a 15 yr old girl sexually assulted outside a metro station, a 21 yr old man was fatallay stabbed at a metro station and there have been several fights on Metro buses and trains and the summer has not begun.

      The Guardian Angels will continue to patrol the trains and buses all summer, as well as conduct our foot patrols in Chinatown, Anacostia and other places thoughout the city. We are in need of your help. We need more members to join, attend training and patrol 4 hours a week. If you can't patrol but still would like to support the Washington, DC Guardian Angels, we are in need of donations to pay for uniforms, training, office supplies, transportation, etc.

      As a non-profit organization, we cannot accomplish great things alone. Thanks to all of our loyal supporters, together we are making a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and children. Your gift – large or small – can help the Guardian Angels continue to “Keep the Streets Safe”.

      *The Guardian Angels are in need of*

      1. A Store front Office

      2. Money to pay for Metro Bus and Train patrols

      3. Money for Uniforms

      4. Money to get 10 Motorola Two-Way Radios for our safety on patrol

      Note: In the 21 years the Guardian Angels have been in Washington DC, we have never and still do not receive any financial donations or grants from the DC Government.

      John Unique Ayala
      District Of Columbia
      Guardian Angels
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