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Re: [MPD-5D] First & V NW

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  • Rynecki
    You re not ranting I asssure you. I live in Eckington and last night between 3-6 am I had to suffer through a house party that spilled out into the street. In
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 21, 2005
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      You're not ranting I asssure you. I live in Eckington and last night between 3-6 am I had to suffer through a house party that spilled out into the street. In this case I called 311 and no police. We had a murder on this street 2 weeks ago. You would assume our street would be a priority.From small seeds like nasty comments and arguments come serious violence in this town. All quality of life infractions that are reported to the police should be responded to.
      Another issue is the status of the residences your "neighbors" are living in. If they are living in whgat you suspect is a rooming house, then that is against the law and the owner can be punished with heavy fines. Call 727-1000 and ask for a DCRA Housing Inspector to make an inspection. This will give police grounds to make future arrests, etc. My neighbor is renting his house beyond what's allowable and is thus breaking code - I'm following up with DCRA today. Don't be initimidated - use the system to your advantage. The only accountable people are  property owners not renters, so that's where you should focus your efforts to make community level change. Don't let the unruly rule your life - I assure you I won't lose another night's sleep after I've worked the system.

      B <ladyofshallott@...> wrote:
      I have never felt unsafe here.....I moved to the Bloomingdale
      neighborhood in May, having had worked in the neighborhood since
      November of last year. I do my best to keep my eyes open and be aware....

      Tonight, I was a bit rattled. When a group of men are arguing loudly,
      and changing sides of the street would only make matters worse, and all
      you can do is walk through it (while rude, derogatory comments are
      made) I think it would rattle even the most stalworthy person, I kept
      my eyes straight ahead and acted as if I didn't hear. There is a red
      house that sits on first, closer to V but it's on the even numbered side
      of the street. I can't remember exactly if it was this house or the one
      next to it....There were easily two more men in the house behind the guy
      on the porch, yelling to the group of 3-4, I walked through, on the
      sidewalk. My biggest worry was as loud as everyone was, my thought was a
      pistol was going to be pulled at any moment....

      I was called to work for a quick errand. Since I live close, and it's
      my job, I go. I left my cellphone at home, because it was just a short
      errand, what did I need it for....? (note to self *ALWAYS take
      cellphone!*) Further up First street are men chatting on their porch.
      (again, more comments - not derogatory, but the "hey baby, let ME walk
      you home...) It was only because I was a female, walking by myself, at
      night -- no other reason. Sometimes people like to see if they can
      rattle you --I know it's best ignored.

      What bothered me most is here I am assuring guests the neighborhood is
      safe, and I am walking through this daunting situation....I would hate
      for anyone staying with us to have witnessed what I did. They surely
      would have left promptly.

      I guess it's somewhat of a rant -- I apologize if this is off topic at
      all. Thanks for reading...

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