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    Indeed there is a problem with DPW. The priority switched from regular trash collection services to frantic snow alert weeks ago. The first snow fell on
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 5, 2010
      Indeed there is a problem with DPW. The priority switched from regular trash collection services to frantic snow alert weeks ago. The first snow fell on uncollected trash, then melted and the same trash remains unmoved. I encourage concerned citizens to show up at the DPW performance oversight hearing and voice your displeasure. We deserve regular on-time trash collection without any excuses.

      Kathy Henderson

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      We have a problem!  Trash was not collected in


      the100 and 200 blocks of Bates Street NW

      100 and 200 blocks of Q Street NW; and

      1400 and 1500 blocks of 3rd street NW



      There was a clear path to the alley on  Wednesday , the regular pick up day.  Currently , we have trash all over the place – whereas, neighbors’ trash cans  are overflowing with trash and garbage.



      Finally, I spoke to Ms Bola about this issue.  It is my understanding that you are aware of the problem  The tracking # is 039143.



      Thank you for your assistance.  We really need to get this trash collected today.  Then we can move forward with the  plan for next week,  however, we will have a serious sanitation problem if the current level of trash is not collected immediately.   People are sick, they have children – and the sanitation conditions are not good.



      Jennifer Ragins



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      Dear DC Residents:


      DPW announced today that certain sanitation services will be either suspended or altered to allow crews to battle what is forecasted to be this winter’s biggest snow storm and next week’s smaller snow storm. 


      Trash Will Be Collected from the Front, No Recycling Collections:  Next week, trash collections will be made from the front only.  Residents with alley collection are asked to place their trash in dark colored plastic (not paper) bags and place the bags at the curb for collection.  The bags should be put out for collection as close to morning of the collection day as possible and bleach may be added to the bags to help repel rodents.  Recycling collections will be suspended next week and residents are asked to hold onto their recyclables until the following week.  Please do not put household trash in the street litter cans.


      Ft. Totten Transfer Station Closed to the Public:  This Saturday, February 6, the Ft. Totten Transfer Station will be closed to the public for both bulk trash and Household Hazardous Waste/E-cycling/ Document Shredding services.  Ft. Totten also will be closed to the public on Monday, February 8.


      No Bulk Collections Monday, February 8:  DPW bulk collection drivers still will be on duty clearing the streets of snow.


      Street Litter Can Collections to be Suspended:  DPW will suspend litter can collections starting Friday, February 4.  Collections are expected to resume by Wednesday, February 10. 


      DPW reminds residents that the District does not plow alleys due to lack of resources and space constraints for the plowed snow. Residents should work with their neighbors to keep alleys and also sidewalk areas clear.



      Kevin B. Twine

      Staff Assistant

      Department of Public Works

      Office of the Director

      2000  14th Street, NW

      Washington, DC 20009

      Ph: 202-671-2593

      Fx: 202-671-0642

      http://www.dpw. dc.gov


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