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Re: [MPD-5D] MPD/DPW/DDOT-Job Well Done

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  • Greene, Lamar (MPD)
    Thanks for the support! Make a difference in your community. Watch your US mail for your 2010 Census Form. www.census.dc.gov ________________________________
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 2009
      Thanks for the support!

      Make a difference in your community.

      Watch your US mail for your 2010 Census Form.


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      Subject: [MPD-5D] MPD/DPW/DDOT-Job Well Done


      To MPD, DPW, DDOT-
      Please accept my gratitude for a job well done during our first blizzard in years!  All three agencies kept the public informed through alerts via Internet, email, TV, radio.
      In my PSA 405 the officers were highly visible over the weekend. Also PSA 501 across the border.  They also assisted drivers in need, directed traffic, and traveled over rough terrain in some areas to patrol our streets.   Their true dedication came through with the number of arrests over the weekend.  Crime decided to raise its ugly head, and our officers were there to cut it off!   They help make our sheltered lives a little easier.
      We all wanted our streets/alleys clear of snow right away, but we all knew that was not possible.  However, I feel DPW/DDOT attacked the situation throughout and immediately after the storm, and with limited rest from a long 3 days, returned today to finish the job on residential street as humanly possible.  I was in PG county today.  though they have more equipment, there were still many main streets that needed a more thorough cleaning.  We were truly blessed!  Linda and Kevin, please pass my gratitude to Mr. Howland, Mr. Klein their management teams, and of course, the dedicated workers who worked around the clock to make our lives a little easier today.
      Alley are still a problem especially for trash removal.  DPW has put out a email about this, and the alleys are not their responsibility.  In the short term, the forecasted rains later in the week might reduce/resolve the problem, until then, how about organizing alley street cleaning parties throughout the communities?  Long term, contacting your councilmember and/or CM Jim Graham to request a public roundtable on the issue? 
      Anyone have a story to share about what they observed as a job well done?
      Thanks again!
      Gigi Ransom

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