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Re: Tires slashed sunday and *still* trying to get a report taken

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  • blclyde
    Hello Rob, Per the Eckington Listserv: Cleopatra Jones (ANC 5C02 Commishioner) is having a walk thru on Sat October 8th 11 am to 2 pm. Invited guests include
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 5, 2005
      Hello Rob,

      Per the Eckington Listserv:

      Cleopatra Jones (ANC 5C02 Commishioner) is having a walk thru on Sat
      October 8th 11 am to 2 pm. Invited guests include Chief Ramsey, Robert
      Bobb, Vinny Orange, other Mayoral candidates and the community. Meet
      at Big Ben's at North Cap and NY Ave.

      It sounds like you've certainly done more than your part to report
      this crime. I have a lot of sympathy for your situation, as I've also
      posted a complaint to this forum and never had an MPD "outreach
      officer" bother to contact me, much less address my concern.

      Nonetheless, I hope you'll consider showing up for the walk-through -
      especially considering that Chief Ramsey is supposed to be there.
      Perhaps if you voice your complaint to these public figures in a
      public forum you'll get a more satisfactory response. If not, at
      least they'll have to squirm on the hotseat. Hopefully their
      discomfort will trickle downhill - perhaps even to the MPD folks who
      monitor this listserv (and who have chosen, I can't help but notice,
      to ignore your plaint thus far).

      Best of luck,


      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "Rob Amos" <robamos@y...> wrote:
      > My tires (along with several other neighbors) were slashed Sunday
      > night, and I have spent 2 days trying to get a report taken by the
      > DC Police. Calls to 311 result in either 1) the phone reporting
      > system is down, call back in a few hours, 2) we will have someone
      > call you back from that division, or 3) lies - we called you today
      > and left a message.
      > I just called again (6:45 PM) and told the system was down and for
      > me to clal back in an hour or two. When I pressed the issue, I was
      > told that I could go back to my house and call in again and they
      > would have an officer stop by (and some tiem this evening) and take
      > the report in person. So now not only have I wasted 2 days efforts
      > trying to report the crime, they now want me to waste an entire
      > evening for someone to stop by the house to take a report. If the
      > Police aren't interested in getting back to me on the issue, why
      > should I wait around for them to show up sometime tonight? Calls
      > 311 before have resulted in no response. Why would this call be any
      > different?
      > Just put this on the list of the list of the other joys of living
      > N and First NW:
      > 1) Crack house in the alley
      > 2) Prostitution all evening on the street, in the NY Avenue park
      > on the Dunbar School property
      > 3) Active open air drug deals taking place every evening on the
      > school and park property (supposed 'drug free' zones)
      > 4) NY Avenue park taken over and is quickly becoming furnished
      > housing for the homeless
      > 5) Reckless driving and speeding up and down the street at all hours
      > 6) Illegal (and unenforced) parking by out of state and un-
      > registered cars/trucks.
      > When will something be done to curb this activity. do we have to
      > have the shootings start again on the block to get some police
      > presence?
      > And we want people to move here?
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