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Civilian Positions with MPDC + Programs & Resources FYI

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  • Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
    1) October is National Crime Prevention Month 1b) Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness 2) National Crime Prevention Conference 3) Civilian Positions with
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2005

      1) October is National Crime Prevention Month

      1b) Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness

      2) National Crime Prevention Conference

      3) Civilian Positions with MPDC

      4) MPDC Calendars

      5) Police Ride-Along Program

      6) Youth Advisory Council

      7) Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU)

      7b) Latino Liaison Unit

      7c) Gang Prevention Unit

      8) In the Media

       8a) Radio

      8b) Television

      9) Citizens Advisory Councils (CAC)

      10) What's New in the MPDC

       11) Best Practices in Public Safety

      1) October is National Crime Prevention Month
      What are You and Your Neighbors Doing?
      What are You Doing Year-Round?
      1b) Emergency Preparedness: http://www.makeaplan.org/
      Department of Homeland Security: "Don't Be Afraid, Be Ready" http://www.ready.gov/
      2) National Crime Prevention Conference
      THE 7th NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PREVENTING CRIME WILL BE HELD AT THE HILTON WASHINGTON IN WASHINGTON, DC ON OCTOBER 8-11, 2005!  On-site registration will begin October 7 at the Hilton Washington.  Purpose: To celebrate 25 years of nationwide crime prevention successes, identify current issues and ways to address them, and renew commitments to prevention as a priority in reducing crime in the future.
      4) MPDC Calendars

      The Metropolitan Police Department has several different calendars to aid in getting the information you need as quickly and easily as possible. The MPDC Citywide Calendar of Events contains information on events happening in all seven police districts. Each police district has its own calendar for events occurring in that police district only.

      5) Police Ride-Along Program: http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1242,q,547130,mpdcNav_GID,1541.asp

      The Police Ride-Along program allows residents to accompany officers during their tour of duty in a police vehicle. This public education program gives residents a better understanding of police operations.

      If you are interested in a ride-along, use the application on the weblink above. You must also complete either an adult or juvenile release form.

      6) Youth Advisory Council:   http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1238,q,556797,mpdcNav_GID,1579,mpdcNav,|32372|.asp

       The Metropolitan Police Department's Regional Operations Command Youth Advisory Council engages DC Public School students in activities that focus on three basic objectives:

      • Exposure·to people and career paths, so the students can learn about the many career choices available
      • Access·to mentors, role models and internships that can provide a spring board for future career choices
      • Opportunity·to gain the tools to become successful adults


      7) Gay and Lesbian Liaison (GLLU) :


      The GLLU has been in existence since June 2000. The unit is staffed by openly gay and lesbian members of the department and their allies. The GLLU is dedicated to serving the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) communities in the Washington Metropolitan Area and the Metropolitan Police Department. The unit also serves as a resource for other law enforcement agencies nationwide.

      7b) Latino Liaison Unit:

      Sgt. Juan Espinal1800 Columbia Rd., NW
      Washington, DC 20009-2002

      7c) Gang Intervention/Prevention Unit: 

      3d Substation, 750 Park Road, Washington, DC 20010             576-8209

      8) In the Media

      8a) Radio

      Ask the Chief (WTOP Radio)
      Chief Ramsey discusses public safety issues with anchor Bruce Alan - and takes phone calls and emails - on the first Thursday of each month from 10-11 am.

      Chatting with the Chief (WHUR 96.3-FM)
      Chief Ramsey discusses public safety issues - and takes phone calls - on the third Tuesday of each month from 7:10-7:30 pm.

      Live at Five (WOL 1450-AM)
      Chief Ramsey discusses public safety issues with host Latoya Foster - and takes phone calls - on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 5-6 pm.

      The Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU 88.5-FM)
      Chief Ramsey discusses public safety issues with host Kojo Nnamdi - and takes phone calls and emails - during occasional mid-day appearances on this program (generally 12 noon-1 pm).

      8b) Television

      NewsTalk Live (News Channel 8)
      Chief Ramsey discusses public safety issues with anchor Bruce DePuyt - and takes phone calls and emails - on the first Wednesday of each month from 4-5 pm.

      9) Citizens Advisory Councils (CAC): http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1238,q,542195,mpdcNav_GID,1541.asp

      The Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) is an advisory panel in each police district that provides the district commander with information and recommendations from the community on the public's safety problems and police service needs. Regular CAC meetings in each district allow residents to meet and discuss police-related issues with the commander. The meetings also provide an opportunity for police officials to assess the impact of their crime-fighting efforts on the community.

      10) What's New in the MPDC: http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1245,q,556503,mpdcNav_GID,1559.asp
      What's New in the MPDC is a weekly newsletter highlighting the latest program announcements and other developments in the Metropolitan Police Department.
      11) Best Practices in Public Safety
      2005 National Night Out Award Recipients
      1) The Youth Advisory Council - 1st District
      Youth group in the First District who take on problem-solving in the community.  In addition, the youth are mentored throughout the school year and exposed to various motivational speakers from corporate and non-profit organizations in an effort to open the doors of opportunity in various career professions.
      2) Citizens Association of Georgetown- 2nd District
      Citizen group who worked and reduced crime in their neighborhood and on the campus of Georgetown University through outreach.
      3a) PSA 302 Orange Hat Patrol- 3rd District Substation (formerly PSA 414)
      Citizen patrol group who have worked for years to report quality of life issues rapidly in their neighborhood and have organized effective methods of communication with law enforcement, as well as having representatives from the group to attend every meeting in the city that affects their community.
      3b) PSA 308 Red Hat Patrol- 3rd District
      Citizen patrol group who have maintained a mission over the years of keeping their neighborhood safe and free of elements of disorder.
      4) Wise-Up Orange Hat Patrol- 4th District 
      Citizen patrol group, led by a group of seniors who are determined to keep the destiny of their neighborhood in their control.  Maintains citizen patrol walks twice a week.
      5) Bogart Property Management- 5th District
      Management company that worked with residents and police to identify tenants with drug-related activities in and around their apartments.  Police calls for service were drastically reduced. 
      6) Yahoo Discussion Group- 6th District
      One of many city Yahoo Discussion Groups where police officials, residents, and elected officials are allowed 24-hour online discussions to address crime, report criminal activities and receive crime alerts.
      7) U.B.U. (meaning You Be You)- 7th District
      A youth initiative, started by the #11 Boys and Girls Club.  The group drove to a potato chip factory and produced hundreds of bags of potato chips with positive messages for young people, with topics related to drugs, sex, and peer pressure.  The potato chips have been distributed around the area at various outreach events, with the same message, U.B.U.- You Be You, and Make Your Own Decisions, Based on Common Sense, Not Peer Pressure.
      8) Special Community Award- WPGC Radio
      WPGC's David Haines was a huge supporter of National Night Out.  In addition, WPGC has sponsored a series of softball games this 2005 Summer, focused on "knocking crime out of the park" For this, the station, received an award in memory of David Haines who passed away in July 2005.  WPGC also hosted a community softball game on National Night Out.  Donnie Simpson threw out the first pitch and Mayor Anthony Williams produced the first hit.  Hundreds of people attended the festive event.   http://www.wpgc955.com/events/community.shtml
      9) Special Community Award - East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership-
      The East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership, a non-profit organization led an effort for the Fifth consecutive year to provide a safe summer to DC's youth by organizing with several community groups and providing a list of over 100 events that would keep youth entertained and occupied with activities that were fun, safe and supervised. "40 Days of Increased Peace." http://www.ercpcp.org/Home.asp

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