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Re: [MPD-5D] first street shootings

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  • helburnclu@aol.com
    Commander Greene, Thank you for responding to the various postings about shootings in my neighborhood, and for reiterating your committment to addressing the
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 21, 2005
      Commander Greene,
      Thank you for responding to the various postings about shootings in my
      neighborhood, and for reiterating your committment to addressing the
      drug and violence problems we are facing.

      However, your email implies that the only shooting this past weekend
      was at North Capitol and New York Ave. I wish that were the case, but
      that is incorrect. Like my neighbors, I have been awakened a few times
      over the last week by gunshots in the IMMEDIATE vicinity of my home by
      1st and Bates St., NW. Even with the weird acoustics created by all the
      concrete and brick in our neighborhood, there is absolutely no way that
      any of them were as 'far away' as North Capitol and New York Ave. They
      were all within a block of my home. Unfortunately I now have enough
      experience with hearing gunfire and later learning exactly where it
      occurred to be able to state with confidence that these shootings are
      IN ADDITION to the one at N. Capitol and NY Ave.

      Perhaps no one was hit in these shootings. But I hope that you will
      still assign them a high priority. Only luck and perhaps bad aim kept
      these from becoming another homicide statistic. Eventually they WILL
      hit someone, perhaps a hapless soul sitting in his or her living room.
      I pray that it does not take 'good aim' for gun-toting thugs to get the
      attention of the police.


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      From: Greene, Jennifer (MPD) <jennifer.greene@...>
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      Sent: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 16:41:11 -0400
      Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] first street shootings

      Concerned Citizens of the Fifth District:

      Drug Free Zones expire after the specified time period. However, there
      is no
      limit on the number of request that can be made for a particular area,
      as long
      as the legislative requirements are met. For this particular area, we
      update the statistics and submit another request to the COP for
      approval of a

      The sounds of gunshots this weekend involved a shooting at North
      Capitol and New
      York Avenue. There were three victims from this shooting, 1 of which
      succumbed to his injuries, 1 was treated and released from the hospital
      and the
      other declined treatment. The victims straddled the boarder between
      the First
      and the Fifth District. The 1D Commander and I have talked about and
      initiate a joint boarder patrol.

      The 5D Focus Mission Team, as one of its priorities, targets the drug
      areas in
      5D. To date half of all drug arrests made in 5D have been in the
      Circle/Bates Street Area.

      I am committed, as well as my officers, to eradicating the sale of
      illegal drugs
      in your communities, along with the many other crimes that are plaguing
      neighborhoods. It has been my experience that most of the 5D crime and
      problems are not easily solved, however, the successes have come with
      police tactics that vary strategically and involve community input.
      with all our community partners, we will continue our efforts until we

      Jennifer Greene
      Commander, Fifth District
      (202) 698-0111

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      From: MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com [mailto:MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of
      Scott Shappell
      Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 9:25 AM
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      Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] first street shootings

      I would also like to point out that these shootings occurred during a
      Anti-Loitering/Drug Free Zone period.

      According to a sign posted at the corner of Bates and First Street, NW
      area was declared a drug free zone from 12:00 am 9/15 through 12:00 am
      The boundaries are defined as Florida/Q Street through O Street
      First and North Capitol Street, NW . (DC law 11-270,
      Free Zone Act of 1996).

      I am requesting that this Drug Free Zone period be extended and for
      increased police presence and enforcement.

      If you have any questions, or require any additional information,
      please do
      not hesitate to contact me. (See below for more details)

      Scott Shappell

      >From: Paul Meyers <pdmlar@...>
      >To: MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [MPD-5D] first street shootings
      >Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 05:37:17 -0700 (PDT)
      >I am also a resident on First Street, NW very close to the Bates
      >intersection. I am also hearing gun shots just about every night in
      >I am wondering why the Metropolitan Police Department haven't solved
      >problem yet. I think that there definitely needs to be a major police
      >precence in this area in the hours between midnight and dawn.
      >There are a number houses in this area that appear to be "crack
      >On my immediate block, the 1400 block of First Street, NW there are
      >where people can be seen coming and going all day and all night long.
      >would and am sure my neighbors would appreciate some type of watch by
      >police department.
      >I have seen people doing drugs right out in the open in broad daylight
      >called the police. Have I ever seen the police show up after I have
      >called? Absolutely not!!! Now that is a disturbing factor.
      >Why isn't this violence and drug problems being solved in our
      > When will the police department solve these problems? Are they even
      >working on these issues? I'm beginning to think not!!


      >From: "Maureane O'Shaugnessy" <maureaneoshaugnessy@...>
      >To: MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [MPD-5D] Ongoing and Frequent Shootings in the vicinity of
      >and First St NW
      >Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 17:16:58 -0600
      >To Whom It May concern,
      >As did several of my neighbours, I too was slammed awake to hear 4
      >shots at approx 3:30 am this morning that seemed to come from right
      >our homes located near the intersection of Bates and First Street, NW.
      >one neighbour commented, he 'could almost hear the bullets flying
      >the tree branches' outside his window. Immediately after the
      shooting, 2
      >cars could be heard racing away. As I'm not apt to go near my windows
      >times like this, I did not see the vehicles, but it sounded like they
      >south down First Street.
      >The preceding night, as with many nights of late, there were several
      >in rapid succession (I counted at least 8), that also occurred very,
      >near to this same intersection.
      >I hear shots in the night, within my immediate vicinity,
      >often, I've lost count!
      >I am becoming more and more disturbed, discouraged and angry by the
      >frequency of this violence. I call 911 immediately, each time, and
      >though the police respond to the area within precious minutes,
      everyone but
      >the victims involved in these incidents is long gone by that time.
      >Given the frequency of this particular kind of violence in this
      >area lately, which appears to have been initiated by a mid-afternoon
      >drive-by on the corner of First and Bates several weeks
      >ago when a young man was hit several times in broad daylight, there is
      >obviously something very specific going down in this neighbourhood that
      >needs creative, assertive and pro-active investigation on the part of
      >enforcement and city officials.
      >To be clear, MOST of the shootings I personally hear occur in my
      >neighbourhood between the hours of midnight and dawn. Other than the
      >number of police cruisers and foot patrols regularly scheduled 24/7,
      >seems to be when we need strong, specific, police presence here.
      >Perhaps a convincing case could be made at this point for a satellite
      >police station in this immediate vicinity?
      >And while I don't relish the thought of what media coverage of these
      >shootings and several recent killings within a few scant block radius,
      >do to sway the decision of good people who are considering moving into
      >area, why is it that I rarely, if ever, see print, audio or visual
      >of these events while other areas of our fair city seem to get pretty
      >complete coverage in that regard?
      >An intense light of scrutiny, investigation, deliberate planning and
      >specific action, needs to be shone on this area, at this problem, at
      >level, and from all angles....................now!
      >One hesitates to venture out at night and certainly not alone.
      Friends are
      >now even reticent to visit or even drop me back at my home after a
      >evening out. I do not know how to end this violence, or the
      >fear and stress visited upon the law-abiding residents of this area
      >time these shootings occur, but do feel strongly that no one should
      have to
      >live like this in this country. Despite seeming evidence to the
      >we are not in a war zone and this should not be tolerated at any level.
      >Maureane O'Shaugnessy


      >From: "Scott Shappell"
      >To: MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [MPD-5D] Shots
      >Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 10:07:50 -0400

      >Several shots were heard last night between 3:30 and 4:00 am on or
      >Bates Street, NW. Was anyone hurt? Can you give us any details?

      >Scott Shappell

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