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Case Thread Wrap-up + Thank you, Sgt. Brett Parson!

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  • brian.ions
    In the interest of fairness and just to wrap up this previous *Hannah case* thread-- I meant to put this up last week, but am not quite back to speed f/ recent
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 2, 2009
      In the interest of fairness and just to wrap up this previous *Hannah case* thread-- I meant to put this up last week, but am not quite back to speed f/ recent surgery...
      Reduced charge explained in gay man's death
      Prosecutors say victim `impaired' by alcohol, witness unreliable

      Washington Blade
      Sep 25, 2009  |  By: Lou Chibbaro Jr.

      A friend of gay beating death victim Tony Randolph Hunter presented inconsistent and contradictory information to police and prosecutors about events leading to Hunter's death in September 2008, according to a sentencing memorandum.

      The 14-page memorandum, filed in D.C. Superior Court on Monday, also says a medical test shows that Hunter was intoxicated at the time of the attack and that Hunter's "inability to break his backward fall" might have been a contributing factor in his death.

      The sentencing memorandum marks the first time prosecutors have disclosed information — long sought by gay activists — on why they initially charged defendant Robert Hannah, 19, with manslaughter rather than murder in connection with Hunter's death, and why they presented evidence to a grand jury that led to Hannah's indictment on and guilty plea to one misdemeanor assault charge.

      Full story here...

      Critics are free to speculate.  But obviously, MPD and USAO-DC must maintain silence while a criminal prosecution runs its course, divulging only what it's permitted by the Courts, without prejudice.

      Just to answer one who contacted me offlist...  A few may have read more into my previous article reprints in the GLBT press than was there.  The fact is, I never took a position, speculative or otherwise, on the Hannah case, as I (along with nearly everyone else) did not know the facts.  Moreover, early on, we,
      on the BrooklandGLBT listserv, were also given an indication that MPD and USAO viewed an allegation of bias-related motive as problematic in the case.

      Notwithstanding, to the extent that this case, and speculation about it, created sharp criticism within the GLBT community of MPD and USAO-DC across the city, it was important to bring those community concerns and passions, as reflected in the GLBT press, to the attention of of the MPD and USAO-DC communities. 

      To paraphrase former GLLU head, Sgt. Brett Parson, "perception is reality" in some instances.  Understanding the passions at any given time of any minority community, not normally followed by most MPD officers, may provide insight and advantage into defusing any minority-related incident that responding officers might not have otherwise.

      Finally, I know I speak for many in the GLBT community, in extending to Sgt. Brett Parson our profound gratitude for his extraordinary leadership and service to MPD's highly-acclaimed Gay and Lebian Liaison Unit (since 2001)-- and to city residents, both GLBT and straight.  Sgt. Parson, at his request, has returned to his first love, "patrol and street-level policing" in 6D.  GLLU's loss is definitely 6D's gain.  We wish Sgt. Parson (and his new patrol team) every success and happiness.  Thanks a bunch for your service, Sergeant Parson!

      on Newton/ PSA 502

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "brian.ions" <brian.ions@...> wrote:
      > Your welcome, Celestine. Yours was obviously a brief, honest, curious
      > question, and I apologize for any inference that it was anything other
      > than that. Those of us in the GLBT community are obviously keenly
      > interested and sensitive to this issue.
      > I do try, when excerpting news stories or articles, to link to the
      > *entire* article, as a courtesy to the reader as well as the author(s).
      > brian
      > on Newton/ PSA 502
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      > > Thanks, Brian.
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