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RE: [Brookland] Tribute to Alice Thompson

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  • shirley smith
    I wish to join in thanking Alice her for her hard work and dedication. I miss you! Ms Senior DC 2009 ANC Commissioner 5A09 Shirley Rivens Smith, President US
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2009

      I wish to join in thanking Alice her for her hard work and dedication.

       I miss you!



      Ms Senior DC 2009

      ANC Commissioner 5A09

      Shirley Rivens Smith, President

      US Africa Sister Cities Foundation, Inc.




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      Alice Thompson– Public Servant – Haled Unsung Hero

      Outgoing Ward 5 Outreach and Service Specialist

      Alice Thompson served Ward 5 as the Outreach and Service Specialist for many years – unmarred by the tempestuous demands. Alice is beloved and trusted by her constituents.  A trust she well earned - whether common citizen, business owner, fellow government associate, we all shared the common bond that she was public servant-leader to all, serving each individual or group as if they were the only subject of her attention..  She demonstrated her loyal servitude to her Ward 5 constituents; unequivocal to no other public servant, all we had to do was just ask Alice and it was done – with explanations of how long, who, when, and where – she was live time.  Alice demonstrated professionalism with matured wisdom – she understood the importance of staying focus and not getting entangled with webs of political disenfranchisement or partiality based upon social-economic status, race, or otherwise.  She is perhaps the hardest working woman with such wit, that many of us will ever know.

      The Edgewood Civic Association (ECA)often saluted Alice as the “Unsung Hero” of our community because she was consistently the one person we could count on to support constituent concerns, and in record time fulfill requests. She would often on a scene, grab her cell phone to consult with appropriate officials regarding issues, and at the end of the call she would have an instant solution, in some cases the problem had been pending for years.  Alice chronicled her work with picture profiles of par excellence, and would share them at meetings – having them passed from person-to-person.  We didn’t have to ask or petition Alice twice for anything; she understood the importance of demonstrating the ethic of keeping a vow and fulfilling her duty to Ward 5, we grew in our trust toward her and could depend on the fact that if she couldn’t, she would let you know and right early why not.  

      There is yet another outstanding and unique characteristic about Alice – if you know her, you probably guessed right, her effervescent flare for fashion – definitely unique to Alice .  She would show up at a meeting after ten to twelve hours of work, every bit as fresh as the dayspring, and wait patiently for her turn on the agenda to present; then she would position herself to pour out of her latest repertoire of updates, yes often with pictures whatever concerned the respective constituent meeting, and leave a meeting with customer satisfaction, and the audience applauding hale to Alice for an outstanding job done. 

      With this outstanding service record attached to Alice ’s former position as Ward 5 Outreach and Service Specialist, we could create our own lengthy publication chronicling her success, marked by major developments and improvements in all of our communities.  That’s what Alice did – her trademark, was to make it happen – whether get rid of a nuisance property, facilitate installation of signage or bumper strips, clean-ups, repair a severely damaged street, rid a neighborhood of crime, get a senior services, safety – whatever, we knew we could ask Alice and she worked together with us, until the job was done!  Now, we are asking ourselves, what are we going to do? Who can follow this act of long service and fortitude with integrity?  There is but one Alice . It’s surreal!  We appreciate that Alice had time to give Mr. Justin Bellow’s , who she would  refer to as her partner with emphasis, and he was (demonstrating humility), she guided him, affording a hands on experience, by her side, it is certain that he can’t help but catch the contagious spirit of professionalism and efficacy by which she is characterized. 

      In Her Honor ~

       No matter how many times we the constituents say our sincere thank you and give our applause for to the selfless servant, Alice Thompson, whose ability to create synergy between diverse groups of people, creating a unified dominance; we cannot surpass these priceless treasures to our community.

      Alice we sincerely LOVE you, APPRECIATE you and will MISS YOU in public service as Outreach and Service Specialist, and as our friend.  We have this consolation that you are going to do a greater work with those who need you as much – the Senior and disabled citizens.  They will love you and your outstanding, customer-friendly approach with integrity.  We bid you Godspeed!  - ECA

      The ECA welcomes  Richard Norwood, and look forward to working with them in partnership. The Edgewood Civic Association - Donetta Clark, Editor


      http://www.theedgew oodcivicassociat iondc.org

      http://www.theedgew oodcivicassociat iondc.org/ the-edgewood- blog/alice- thompson- public-servant- haled-unsung- hero

      http://twitter. com/Edgewooddc


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