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Five Corridor Projects in Ward 5

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  • Debbie Smith
    Hi all, Sorry this information is a little late. I am not able to keep you updated as much as I like to but this is important. Please pass the word. If this
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      Hi all,

      Sorry this information is a little late.  I am not able to keep you updated as much as I like to but this is important.  Please pass the word.  If this information is duplication, I apologize for any inconvenience.

      You probably have seen work happening in Ward 5 but have no clue to what is going on.  Below is a brief summary. 

      As an extensive public awareness, effort is underway, including public meetings, community outreach, advertising, and traditional and social media, such as Twitter, travelers will be advised of impacts and encouraged to use alternative routes, modes, and schedules.

      DDOT is closely coordinating with the Maryland State Highway Administration CHART traffic system, Virginia Department of Transportation Traffic Management Center, neighboring counties, law enforcement and EMS agencies, and other stakeholders.


      Overview of Construction Projects  2009- 2011


      Five Corridor Projects – Start fall of 2009 projected end Summer 2011


      Resurfacing/Rehabilitation of Brentwood Road, NE 9th Street, NE; W Street NE

                     Project also includes: Resurfacing, reconstructing and upgrading selected roads; improving curbs, gutters, sidewalks and storm water drainage systems.


      Replacement of 9th Street Bridge, NE over New York Avenue and Rail lines

                     Project also includes improving:  pedestrian safety with wider sidewalks and enhanced, signalized intersections; installing ornamental light poles and fixtures, fencing, railing, landscaping, curb and medians.


      Reconstruction of New York Avenue Bridge over Rail Lines and Approaching Roads.

                     Project also includes: Relocating and improving the existing bridge support system; improving approach roads and adjacent sidewalks.


      Safety Improvements for Florida Avenue/New York Avenue/First Street/Eckington Place NE

                     Project also includes: Upgrading traffic signals, streetlights, crosswalks and sidewalks; implementing a circular flow to allow improved access for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.


      Reconstruction of First Street, NE from K Street to New York Avenue, NE

      Projects also includes: Replacing existing road structures with new ramps and four operational lanes.


      Questions or Concerns



      Website: www.ddot.dc.gov/nyave



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