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Permission to Give, Mr. Mayor?

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  • Garett Jones
    Response to the Email from the Mayor s Office (original email below) So for those of us who want to be there to welcome the displaced residents when they
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
      Response to the Email from the Mayor's Office (original email below)
      So for those of us who want to be there to welcome the displaced residents when they arrive, what can we do, Mr. Desi Deshaine?  Also, I heard today that the air conditioning at the DC Armory is not working today.  Please tell me that is not true?  Also, what agency is taking the lead on this effort and what else can we do besides sending money to the Red Cross?  The Red Cross is nice and I have given to them, but I want to do more, because the money I gave to the Red Cross might be paying for an employee to travel to the disaster area and I want to know that I am directly making a difference in the life of a displaced U.S. Citizen.  I have men's clothing available that I don't wear anymore.  The clothes are clean and ironed.  Why can't I offer it to any of the men who are coming to the city from the disaster area?  The mayor should know that DC residents want to help and give.  We want this city to be READY, PREPARED for those members.  When they get off that bus, they need to feel welcomed, safe, and relieved. 
      They need to know how to file for unemployment insurance,
      how to get new ID if they don't have it,
      how to file loss claims with their insurance companies,
      how to enroll their children in safe and academically-safe and successful schools,
      where to look for jobs,
      where to find clothing and housing and furniture,
      where they can find churches and ministries from every denomination,
      how to use the Metro Stations,
      They should be assigned a family who can serve as a local contact for them.  I know volunteers will come forward if you let them.
      They need to know that what they have heard about the mean streets of the nation's capitol are not true.  They need to feel safe in their communities.  Please answer these questions, because from what channel 7 is saying tonight, the mayor's office is in over their heads with this and not as prepared as they want us to think and people will arrive here, with little preparedness.  After all that we have seen in the past couple of days, "preparedness" should be the word of the year.
      --- In MPD-3d@yahoogroups.com, "Deschaine, Desi (EOM)" <desi.deschaine@d...> wrote:
      > From the DC Government:
      > Donations are NOT to be brought to the DC Armory. Citizens are asked not to
      > donate new or used clothes for use by the victims of Hurricane Katrina who
      > are being evacuated to the District government sponsored shelter to be
      > located at the DC National Guard Armory. 

      > The American Red Cross will manage the shelter for the District government,
      > but does not accept or solicit small, individual donations or collections of
      > items for emergency relief purposes. Small items such as collections of
      > food, used clothing, and shoes often must be cleaned, sorted, repackaged
      > and, sometimes, stored which ties up the valuable resources of money, time
      > and personnel that are needed for other aspects of the relief effort. 

      > The city is soliciting large, bulk donations. Persons or corporations that
      > wish to make large, bulk donations should first call (202) 727-1000. Donors
      > of these items must be able to package the items in bulk, palletize them and
      > deliver them directly to the designated site. 

      > Persons who wish to volunteer to assist shelter residents also should call
      > (202) 727-1000 to be placed into the volunteer database being maintained by
      > Serve DC. Volunteers will be matched with volunteer needs and will be
      > contacted about when and where to report. 

      > Volunteers should not self-deploy or show up at the shelter to volunteer.
      > All volunteers must register with Serve DC by calling (202) 727-1000. 

      > Cash donations should continue to be made through 1-800-HELP-NOW or online
      > at Red Cross.

      Click here to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

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