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Washington DC Guardian Angels National Night Out

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    *7D (Thearc) and 5D (17and L)* At 1700 hours, Guardian Angels John Ayala, Wanda Ayala, Allsion Pinkney, Jordan Estrada, Jeff Cargill, Dennis Harvey, Charles
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2009
      7D (Thearc) and 5D (17and L)
      At 1700 hours, Guardian Angels John Ayala, Wanda Ayala, Allsion Pinkney, Jordan Estrada, Jeff Cargill, Dennis Harvey, Charles Briscoe, and new recruits William and Delante attended the National Night Out .  kickoff event at THEARC on 1901 Mississippi Avenue SE.
      For the next two hours, we interacted with law enforcement officers, government officials, and members of the community, showing our support for the endeavor.
      At 1900 hours, Guardian Angels Jordan Estrada and Dennis Harvey and new recruits William and Delante proceeded to the 17th and L street SE National Night Out event hosted by community activist and former ANC member Kathy Henderson.
      At 2030 hours, we disbanded the patrol without further incident.
      Jordan Estrade
      Patrol Leader
      PSA105, 106, 107
      National Night Out for Boot and BK meant participating in events at Police Service Areas 105, 106, and 107 in SE DC.  Starting at 5 PM they reported to LT Durbin in the Dog Park at 5th & E (Marion park).  They checked out the free ice cream and mixed with the crowd, including a representative from the Mayor's Office..  Many of the residents brought their pets, and two of the dogs even put on an unarmed combat demonstration. One even showed off its Mike Tyson ear technique with its opponent.
      At 7 PM the pair reported to LT Euhle at Peter Buggs Shoe Repair and BBQ Pit at 13th & E.  Assistant Chief Groomes thanked the Angels for their community work, and asked for Unique.  She had to accept the excuse that he was with Chief Lanier at a separate function.  Residents, Angels, Police Officers, and the Orange Hat Neighborhood Patrol enjoyed the harmonica playing and singing of both LT Euhle (stage name "Danny Blue") and recording artist Charlie Sales, as they munched on hot dogs, hamburgers, and watermelon.  A high point of the event was the surprise arrival of a firetruck with lights flashing and sirens screaming.  Perched atop were police officers dressed as Batman and Spiderman.  They passed out candy and delighted the kids, including Boot and BK.
                                                                                            D2K                   Boot-
      John "Unique" Ayala
      Director Of Operations
      Washington DC
      Guardian Angels

      Guardian Angels and Police Officers
      working together to make
      a difference

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