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I agree

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  • White, Stephen L
    I have to agree with Erin, too. Not only did Ms Harway not mention race in her posting, therefore not even making it an issue, but since when does a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2005

      I have to agree with Erin , too. Not only did Ms Harway not mention race in her posting, therefore not even making it an issue, but since when does a complainant have to apologize for calling the police because she feels threatened? Furthermore, where are these youth’s parents in all of this? Who taught them that it is acceptable to harass and intimidate passersby? Terri’s comments seem to imply that it’s better just to let harassers get away with it, rather than take action. There is no way the police can help all of us clean up our neighborhoods if we all cower when people mistreat us. I hope she never gets treated the way Ms Harway was, but if she is, I would hope she’d come forward and let the police know about it.




      Stephen on Todd



      I'm confused as to how this would relate to any type of race issues since Ms. Harway neither stated the harassers' race or her own. 

      Personally, I feel this has nothing to do with race but with a person walking down the street being verbally harassed to the point where the person may feel unsafe or, at least, extrememly uncomfortable and feels the police need to intervene with a group of adolescents.  Verbal harassment can feel threatening and I would not downplay an incident where a person is feeling uncomfortable to the point of police intervention, Erin 10th




      > I can understand the distress of Ms. Harway's experience. But,

      > accounts like this on this listserv bring to mind the Emmett Till

      > incidence of the 1950's. A fourteen year old boy visiting

      relatives in

      > Missippi who made a remark to a store owner's wife upon the urging


      > some friends who wanted Emmett to "talk" to this woman. It later

      > resulted in his lynching and what some may call the start of the


      > rights movement.


      > I just hope these "complaints" can be kept with the police and not

      > aired on listservs like this, where it might incite racial actions.


      > Thanks,


      > Terri on 7th




      > --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "Sonya Harway" <25harway@c...>


      > > While out walking with my dog this afternoon, I was seriously

      > harassed by a group of

      > > young kids at 10th and Hamlin. They were probably 14 or 15 years


      > and used some

      > > absolutely disgusting language towards me, including lewd and


      > remarks. I

      > > unfortunately did not have my cell phone on me at the time, but


      > I returned home

      > > just before 4pm, I called 311 to report the harassment. The

      > dispatcher asked me if I'd like

      > > to speak to an officer, and based on the seriousness of this

      > particular incident, I said yes.

      > > She took my name, address, and phone number and told me the next

      > officers would

      > > respond to my house. The dispatcher started wrapping up the call

      > without taking a

      > > description of the kids involved, so I asked her if she needed a

      > description. She said no,

      > > because I could give the description to the officers when they

      > arrived. At 4:23 I saw two

      > > officers cruise the alley behind my house, where they apprehended

      > two men, at least one

      > > of whom was drinking alcohol. I assumed they were coming to my


      > next, but

      > > apparently these officers were not the ones dispatched to my


      > >

      > > About 15 minutes ago (around 6pm), a police dispatcher called my

      > home phone and asked

      > > for my correct address. I told her at this point not to bother,


      > it's been over two hours

      > > since the incident and almost that long since my call, and all


      > are that those kids are

      > > not still there. I'm continuously frustrated with slowness of 311

      > responses, but this seems

      > > ridiculous to me. Why even bother taking a report or making the

      > pretenses of sending

      > > officers? I don't want to waste officers' time, which is why I


      > them not to bother this

      > > late in the game, but I do want my legitimate complaints to be


      > with in a timely

      > > fashion. What can be done to improve response time? Should I

      make a

      > point of telling

      > > dispatchers it is urgent? This is not the only time 5D officers


      > failed to show up at my

      > > house when I have requested them.

      > >

      > > -Sonya Harway

      > > (10th and Douglas )


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