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  • gwensouth@aol.com
    My observation of drug dealers: I ve had many in my neighborhood, while they sold drugs, their mothers were working two jobs to pay rent. The mothers
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2005
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      My observation of drug dealers:  I've had many in my neighborhood, while they sold drugs, their mothers were working two jobs to pay rent.  The mothers received no money from their drug dealing sons. They (the dealers) bought expensive sneakers, Gucci boots, fancy cars and scooters with the drug money.  I have never even seen or heard of a son who was dealing drugs to help their families nor were they preserving the community. 
      Several times in my own complex, we asked, no begged, the drug dealers to give up some money for Back to School events and they flat out refused to do even that.  Meanwhile, they were double charging the price of crack they sold on credit to the addicts.  They took control of the addicts apartments and in one case, put the leaseholder out while the dealers used the home for their use. And further, they would spend the night, lying in wait for the addicts' welfare and SSI checks so that they (the drug dealer) could get their money by driving the crack addicts to the ATM machine at the stroke of midnight, hence taking ALL of their money.  The family was left to beg, borrow and steal to get money for their personal needs.
      I must strongly disagree with these writers, Ingrid and Thomas, as drug dealers bring dire poverty, crime and death to the neighborhoods and the familles of crack addicts.  And I could go on and on with horror stories.  Addicts need mandatory treatment, most of them will not go on their own.  While crack addicts are statistically declining, there are thousands of adults between 35-60 whose familles are suffering from the scourge of drug use by their parents and other family members.  Give me a break!
      In a message dated 08/29/2005 2:42:49 PM Eastern Standard Time, richardemaze@... writes:
      Using this logic, I suppose you could open a brothel in your house or
      rent rooms to terrorists if you were just raising money to preserve
      the family home.  Luckily, I do see police activity in the
      neighborhood interrupting the illegal drug market.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, Joseph Martin <anc4c09@y...> wrote:
      > In nearly identical articles in the current editions
      > of the AFRO-AMERICAN and the WASHINGTON SPARK, writer
      > Ingrid Drake suggests through her own writing and a
      > quote from a source (below) that one reason for
      > neighborhood drug dealing is that the dealers are
      > trying to save their families' homes from development
      > and maintain affordable housing.
      > "We have a core of young people who will just not
      > tolerate displacement of their communities, of their
      > family homes," states Thomas Woodson (in the articles)
      > of the Fatherhood Outreach Worker for the Georgia
      > Avenue/Rock Creek East Family Support Collaborative,
      > adding, "They're using all kinds of crime-capital
      > opportunities to prevent that."
      > Terrorizing neighborhoods with drug dealing and
      > shooting people to preserve affordable housing? 
      > That's a concept I had not heard.
      > Link to article:
      > http://www.afro.com/content/templates/?a=3752&z=12
      > We can look forward to more articles like these as
      > Ingrid Drake starts writing soon for DC NORTH.
      > Come home, Jayson Blair. All is forgiven.
      > Office of the Mayor "Home Again" Initiative:
      > http://www.dcbiz.washingtondc.gov/services/vacant_housing.shtm
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