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Tonight's Meeting

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  • Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
    A Message from No Murders DC. From: David C. Bowers [mailto:david.bowers@verizon.net] Sent: Fri 2/4/2005 8:43 AM To: HomicideFreeDC@yahoogroups.com Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2005
      A Message from "No Murders DC."
      From: David C. Bowers [mailto:david.bowers@...]
      Sent: Fri 2/4/2005 8:43 AM
      To: HomicideFreeDC@yahoogroups.com
      Subject:  Invitation to February 7, 2005 NO MURDERS DC Monthly Meeting
      This note is to invite you to the monthly public NO MURDERS DC (NMDC) meeting
      this Monday February 7, 2005 at 7pm in the back meeting room of Ben's Chili Bowl - 1213 U Street NW (U Street/Cardozo metro). 
      This month we will discuss how the mission of environmental education/environmental justice/environmental renewal groups can intersect with the goal of ending murders in the District of Columbia.

      Confirmed guests are:

      > Steve
      Coleman of Washington Parks and People
      > Glen Ogilvie of the Earth
      Conservation Corps
      > Emil King of the Anacostia Watershed Society
      Regina Dyson of Community Harvest
      Some questions that will be discussed include:
      1. -How does your organization's work fit in with the goal of ending murder and reducing violence in DC?
      2. Does the existence of community-owned green space help build safer, less violent neighborhoods? 
      3. -Can involving youth in environmental justice and renewal projects lead to their making positive life decisions?  Can that positivity then infect their families, their neighborhoods, their city?
      4. If people learn to care for and take care of the natural world, does that lead them to become more caring about the environment and the people within their home neighborhoods?
      5. Are there best practice models here in DC or in other cities on how environmental justice issues have been addressed in a way that has led to a decrease in murder/violence in a community?
      6. How can NMDC volunteers partner with the environmental justice/renewal community to help end murder and reduce violence in our city?
      We hope you can  join us this Monday for the discussion.  A reminder that we are still looking for those who would like to serve in the "bullpen" of panelists for the "Tour for Life" that we will begin shortly in conjunction with the Tale of the Tape Foundation. For panelists, we are especially looking for people who work in some way providing social services (i.e. education/mentoring/drug rehab/job training and placement, etc) or anti-violence advocacy.
      We hope to save AT LEAST 40 lives in 2005 on the way to 0 murders. We believe one murder is one murder to many.  We believe that the resources to end murder in DC exist in DC.  We believe that when a murder occurs that business as usual should stop and everyone in the city should ask what must we do to ensure that another murder does not happen. We are working for and believe we will one day have a MURDER FREE DC.

      Have a blessed day!
      David C. Bowers

      NO MURDERS DC: Our mission: To end murder in Washington, D.C.

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