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Re: [MPD-5D] RE: [north-petworth] Re: [MPD-4D] Response to The Afro article

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  • Bill and Rob
    The idea you recommend is good, but not ideal. What you are recommending is that the citizens take to reporting traffice violation without evidence. For the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 9, 2005
      The idea you recommend is good, but not ideal. What
      you are recommending is that the citizens take to
      reporting traffice violation without evidence. For the
      violation to be properly adjudicated, the citizen who
      reported the offense would have to appear before the
      traffice judge along side the defendent.

      If we worked with our insurance companies, so that we
      can report bad driving behavior or violations to them
      then they can keep a record of how often their drivers
      utilize poor judgement behind the wheel. This gives
      the insurance company reason to either drop the driver
      from coverage or to increase the cost of the insurance
      policy (say after being reported by three or five
      separate people).

      This topic is not a special interest of mine.
      Transportation is my career (Director, Transportation
      Operations and Program Assessment for a national
      public and private transportation society). I agree,
      and have already stated as much, that public safety is
      a wholistic concept. Enforcing traffic laws is only
      one need in this city, as is enforcing other minor
      laws like littering.

      --- digital sister <director@...>

      > Blessings AR
      > "We all live in this community together - stray
      > bullets don't differentiate
      > between race or socioeconomic status."
      > but neither cars or people who drive dangerously,
      > but I don't see a rally
      > for traffic enforcement like Bill and Rob stated.
      > You are picking and
      > choosing what you want to rally about. Why not have
      > a database of licenses
      > for traffic violators to make police pay attention
      > to that. I believe death
      > by car is a lot higher than death by stray bullet.
      > when we talk about diversity we should be really
      > willing to deal with all
      > the diverse issues of the community. Not just one!
      > I think that was the main point of the article.
      > Peace and Blessings
      > Shireen Mitchell
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      > Subject: [north-petworth] Re: [MPD-4D] Response to
      > The Afro article
      > Mr. Johnson-
      > Thank you for your response. In some ways this is a
      > difficult issue, but in
      > other ways it can be boiled down to a very simple
      > statement: Regardless of
      > race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic
      > status, etc., we all have
      > a right to a safe community. We all live in this
      > community together - stray
      > bullets don't differentiate between race or
      > socioeconomic status.
      > AR
      > Ken Johnson <kljohnson1248@...> wrote:
      > I am a second generation DC resident who has lived
      > in
      > the Petworth area for plus 50 years. I would first
      > note to new residents that the Afro has been the
      > paper
      > of record for the Afro American community from
      > beyond
      > the dawn of the tweenty century, when the general
      > press ignored Black news except for Black on White
      > crime. Secondly, I think there is a new dynamic in
      > action with our new chnnging neighborhoods. What
      > used
      > to be be ignored because it affected only the black
      > community is now being confronted. There is no
      > reason
      > that anyone should tolerate open air drug markets,
      > simply because "that's the way is".
      > I might know little joe on the corner who's being
      > dealing for 10 years since he was 12. I might know
      > Miss Mary, who is his grandmother amd allows Little
      > Joe live and deal from her home. Miss Mary has been
      > good to the neighbors, goes to church and is such a
      > lovely person. But there's Little Joe and his
      > hustle,his posse, the trash, and the criminal
      > activity-car breakin,street robberies, home
      > invasions
      > that occur when criminals feel safe. And Little Joe
      > says," I know Mr Brown got hit upside the head and
      > in
      > the hospital. Thst's a shame! What you looking at me
      > for?"
      > I saw the Afro article as one part in a
      > conversation, which Bill Cosby started on Black
      > Community Values and Behaviors in America. Because
      > our
      > communities in DC are now mixed ethnically, Little
      > Joe
      > and Miss Mary's situation is no longer just " us
      > black
      > folks not airing our business or compassionate
      > tolerance -what else can the poor boy do?". This
      > conversation will continue.And things will get
      > better.
      > Ken Johnson
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