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Re: [MPD-5D] scammer making the rounds in Bloomingdale

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  • Greene, Lamar (MPD)
    I apologize for the lack of response in the messages that you left for Lt Wright. We have deployed many extra resources to PSA 501 do to spikes we have
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2009
      Re: [MPD-5D] scammer making the rounds in Bloomingdale

      I apologize for the lack of response in the messages that you left for Lt Wright.  We have deployed many extra resources to PSA 501 do to spikes we have noticed in crime.  Currently, I have plain clothes tactical officers, narcotic officers and power shift officers deployed there.  We have made a recent arrest for an individual breaking in a vehicle in PSA 501.  I will get the exact address first thing Monday morning. I always repond to my citizens and I will redirect patrols to be more vigilant in your area. 

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      Subject: [MPD-5D] scammer making the rounds in Bloomingdale

      This is Scott Roberts, moderator of the Bloomingdale neighborhood Email list. 

      Bloomingdale is located within PSA 501.

      I have received a number of Emails over the past few days regarding a man who might appear to be a scammer, knocking on doors in the evening, providing elaborate tales.
      I have copied in below the text of the Emails received to date.  These Emails have been posted on the Bloomingdale list.

      a)  From residents on Bryant Street NW, unit block, 4/26/2009:


      On Saturday night [4/25/2009] around 10:05 pm, our doorbell rang and my husband went to see who it was.  Without opening the door, my husband asked the man to introduce himself and indicate what he wanted.  He said he was a neighbor from 152 Bryant St NW and pretended to just want to introduce himself and get directions.  After my husband tried to get additional information, he said he would come back at some other point and walked off towards North Capitol.  He was an African American male, approximately 6 ft, thin frame, and wearing a white long sleeve dress shirt with light color khakis.  He was also wearing a dark blue baseball cap.  I remember stories on the listserve a few months ago about a similar scam.  Could you please remind those on the listserve about this individual and his method of operation?  It sounds as if he is back to work.  Thanks, Your neighbor who actually does live on Bryant Street (Unit Block)!” 



      b)   From ANC 5C04 Commissioner John Salatti, 4/27/2009:


      A piece of further information about the message from the Bryant Street neighbor:  152 Bryant NW is a vacant property slowly undergoing renovation.  Scammers will use addresses of empty houses, knowing that we won’t know anyone who lives at the fake address.  Be safe out there.



      c)   From a resident on the 100 block of S Street NW, 4/29/2009:


      S Street NW beware:   African American male, approx 50 yrs, 5'10", gray hair, prominent front teeth, dirty blue Nats ball cap, not clean looking clothes, energetic disposition knocking on doors claiming to be "associated with the church" at 150 S Street NW where "there's a situation" and "can I talk with you a minute?"


      He's not associated with the church. Period.


      He knocked on my door at 10:30 PM and I saw him do the same to others. Word to the wise: DON'T OPEN THE DOOR! Tell him he's been identified and to leave the neighborhood. He's not welcome. Otherwise the police will be called. He'll run off- in my case back toward the BP gas station.  Be safe.



      d)   From a resident of R Street NW, 4/30/2009:


      Why doesn’t everyone who has been approached by the knock-knock man file a police report. . . cut and paste what you’ve reported on this list-serve, if need be, and send it in to the police station or, better yet, go to the station and file the report personally?  This will put in motion a deliberate and intentional action to stop this guy.


      If and when the knock-knock man shows up at my house I won’t be yelling through the door for him to go away, giving him free license to try my neighbor across the street or next door.  I’ll engage him, ask him what he wants (through the door, of course) all the while, I’ll be doing something affirmatively to put a stop to this -- like calling 911 -- keeping him in sight, and hoping the police will show up in time to catch him in the act.  (If it’s been reported by enough residents – like those of you who’ve encountered him already – it’ll be taken seriously.)




      e)  From a 2nd Street NW resident, 4/30/2009:


      The same scammer described by the S Street NW resident in yesterday's Bloomingdale email knocked on our door on 2nd St NW around 9 pm Tuesday [4/28/2009].  Based on some recent postings, I advised my husband not to open the door unless he knew the person.  The man called himself "Reverend" something and my husband recognized him as the same guy who approached us a year or so ago asking for money while we were walking down 2nd St.  He had claimed to be with the church (in our case St. George's on 2nd St.) and had an elaborate story about a broken down van, elderly folks needing to get somewhere, etc.  We were suspicious and wary at the time and now we know for sure that he is a scammer.  Beware!



      f)   From a Flagler Place NW resident, 4/30/2009:


      A man fitting the description of the S Street Scammer as described in your latest newsletter, knocked on my door at 9:30 pm last night. When I asked him to identify himself, he said he was a new neighbor who lived at 2033 Flagler. I opened the door just slightly (I have a security gate that separates me) and he proceeded to ask me if I knew of a nearby check-cashing place because he and his family were having a problem with their car and needed to cash a check.  I told him no and he promptly left (my not-so-friendly demeanor and instant look of skepticism probably helped with his hurried departure).



      g)   From a Randolph Place NW resident, 4/30/2009:


      I was likewise approached by the scammer, this time he was on Randolph Place, N.W. unit block.   Around the same time as the other reports states, circa 9-ish P.M.   He said he was a new neighbor from 125 Randolph (which I know is for sale by owner, as I just went to the open house!) And hails from Oklahoma. He said he wanted to know whether he "had moved to a bad neighborhood," because nobody wanted to talk to him and was suspicious of him.   I said that 125 was still for sale. He (smartly, I must admit) responded: "well, now it's under contract, but I see I made a mistake -- this is a bad neighborhood," and he promptly left.  Thin back male, medium complexion, grayish slight beard, I think, hat, and dirty gray sweater.  Having my two dogs rush to the door also may have helped keep him at bay. 


      I actually want to know what he really WANTS out of this?         




      Or trying to get into homes to scope them out for later break-ins?

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