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Re: [MPD-5D] Re: crime in truxton circle - SOME SOLUTIONS

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  • gwensouth@aol.com
    The question is: what steps need to be done to stop this violence, particularly the gun violence? With specificity, what could each of the following entities
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
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      The question is: what steps need to be done to stop this violence, particularly the gun violence?  With specificity, what could each of the following entities do to solve these problems. 
      The Mayor. 
      The City Council. 
      The Judiciary. 
      The Congress, since they have *exclusive* powers over their Seat of Government.
      The President and Vice President of the United States (as they too are residents of the District of Columbia, albeit temporarily). 
      Let's do a *laundry list* of suggestions that we as individuals can act upon.  (please no more unnecessary meetings, can we do this via email)?
      I view the situation in DC to be almost intolerable and yes I am aware that there are far worse places to live in the world.
      My suggestion(s):
      Write to all of the above including the Congress, (House and Senate), especially those on Committees that have direct control over District affairs regardless of party affiliation.  (Google the Congressional site.) 
      Write an email, civilly, to the President of the United States apprising him of the dangerous and terroristic activities that are taking place within the Nation's Capital and to request his direct attention. (Google White House website.)
      This list is not based in order of importance, it came out randomly.  If you disagree with me that's fine, but please, just have a suggestion or two...and share bold, and creative ideas.
      Gwen Southerland
      PS, note I've altered the heading..."some solutions"
      In a message dated 08/01/2005 2:00:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, erheramb@... writes:
      It's a shame that we have to wait until next year when the ATF will
      be here for something to happen around that area.  Too bad the
      police can't step up!
      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "yvehunt" <yvehunt@y...> wrote:
      > I certainly know how you feel, there has been a lot of shooting
      > surrounding throughout this truxton circle area a lot lately
      > especially at 1st and O Street NW because, the thugs are at war
      > each other again from one neighborhood to another like last year
      > during this time.

      > The police mobile is sitting on O Street in front of MMWashington
      > High School, what gets me is that the drug dealers are out in
      > of peoples homes and on the corner selling while the police van is
      > out in plain view talk about the boldness that these thugs have in
      > them.  I would like to see just how bold they will be when ATF
      > arrive here in this area soon by next year and to see them to be
      > in the slammer (jail) and that is just where they belong, they do
      > not care about what happens to them so why should I and society
      > care anything about these hood rats.  The city officails needs to
      > something fast it has been to long to be putting up with this
      > day crap, or else just like everyone else I will be moving away
      > this area real soon.  Unfortunately just another day in the
      > neighborhood.
      > P.S.  To the MPD, do not tip the hoodlum about this or other group
      > mails concerning tax paying citizens who are venting out their
      > frustrations about the on going crime around here from a day to
      > basics, that is the only way for the police department to be
      > of what crimes are taking place in this area by keeping it
      > confidental so that no bodily harm won't happen to anybody
      > innocent. 
      > Thank you.
      > --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "pdmlar" <pdmlar@y...> wrote:
      > > I just moved to this neighborhood 3 months ago and already I am
      > > thinking of moving.  I am a member of the truxton circle website
      > and
      > > have heard that there have been a number of shootings the past
      > > days.  What is the police department doing about this?  These
      > > shootings are happening at all times of the day.  My partner and
      > > walk our dog in the neighborhood and walk to and from the New
      > > Avenue metro station.  It is becoming apparant that it is not
      > > to walk these streets even in broad daylight.  There is a number
      > of
      > > concerns in this neighborhood. 
      > >
      > > Obviously, one is the shootings.  Another is drug activity.  My
      > > partner and I have seen a number of drugs deals happening right
      > out
      > > in the open on the unit block of P Street, NW and NE, the 1400
      > block
      > > of First Street and the 1400 block of North Capital Street. 
      > > is a man usually with a shopping cart or brown paper bag giving
      > > small plastic bags of something to people after they give him
      > > money.  On P Street, there is a house next to the tire junk lot
      > > where people hand things out the window to other persons and
      > > ride off on their bikes to deliver it to people on this area. 
      > >
      > > There have also been a number of times where we have seen people
      > > using drugs in the back yard of 1417 First Street, NW.  It is
      > > to the alley and people who utilize the services of SOME stop
      > > and use the empty yards for drugs use, and the also use the
      > > yards for restrooms and garbage dumps.
      > >
      > > The homes in this neighborhood are no longer inexpensive.  We
      > a
      > > lot of money to live in this neigborhood, but we do not feel
      > safe. 
      > > We only see police in this neighborhood when there is something
      > > wrony or when they are driving thru.  What is the police and our
      > > elected officials doing to solve these problems?  What are they
      > > doing to keep us law abiding citizens safe?  I have lived here
      > > over 8 years and it seems to me that crime is back on the rise
      > > our nations capitol.  Please help.  What are we to do?

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