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Re: [MPD-5D] Homicide 14 S Street N.E.

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  • S. Aikman
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005
      Re: [MPD-5D] Homicide 14 S Street N.E.
      Good Morning,
      My name is Susan Aikman. I live at 330 Rhode Island NE, Unit 303. Behind our building, on Adams, there is a barber shop/beauty salon (unlicensed?). The alley to our parking runs between our building and this shop. Every Saturday, the patrons and/or owners block the alley with cars and the residents in our building have to go through a hassle to get them to move. Is there anyway that the police can visit this shop and let them know that have to figure out different parking? It is an every Saturday event and when we do ask them to move, we always get attitude. It is not just about our parking. The alley is a public alley and should not be blocked.

      Thank you for your time,
      Susan Aikman

      Late during the midnight tour there was a Homicide at 14 S Street N.E.  The person that was killed was a resident  of the building.  Right now it appears that this was not a random event. That's all I can say for now.  I'll hav ean update as soon as possible.

      Lt. Craig


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      I will forward this ti the detective's officer so they can let the prosecutors know.  This will have an effect on the proceedings on court.  It is illegal to try and intimidate a witness in a court case.  Thanks for the help.

      Lt. Craig


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      A kid  name khalef, who live on First was jumped by 4 or 5 other kids a
      couple of weeks ago for his watch, khalef is always around on his bike
      and looking to do little job for few dollars, he is a "good "kid...
      after he got jump (bit up)we caught him  running around with a kitchen
      knife looking for the assailant, (older than him by 2 years at least)..
      Police came and report were made....
      2 days ago, chating with him on the front of my house, the kids who
      jumped him, came up to him and complain to khalef because one of them
      was going to have to go to court for the bit up, and then pull out a
      long military style knife and  just hang there , on the middle of the
      day , trying to scare khalef and I i guess.....
      not that i was scared, but we need to watch out for those 15 Y/old kids.
      what do they cary on them ..? can the police stop them and search them
      once in a while?? should we get a baseball bats in case...?? where are
      the parents..?  educator or social services..??
      what will happen after the court date, come back in the street walking
      around with weapons??what is the best way to re-act when confronted to
      this situation ??

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