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Upcoming Guardian Angels Patrols

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, We have two important patrols upcoming this week: *Wednesday (January 28th): *Meet at *7:00 pm* at Metro Center for a Metro
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2009
      Ladies and Gentlemen,
      We have two important patrols upcoming this week:
      Wednesday (January 28th): Meet at 7:00 pm at Metro Center for a Metro patrol/recruitment.
      Saturday: (January 31): Meet at 800 4th Street, SW for safety walk with the community at 5:00 pm.
      Now is an extremely important time for us to be out patrolling, and here is why:
      • Violence levels are down! Several weeks ago, there were a number of shooting and assaults, but things have been much quieter recently. While the police can only be reactive, we as concerned citizens can be proactive! By turning out and showing up when violence levels are low, we can discourage future violence by making our presence known, and sending a clear message that we approve of safe streets. Criminals and perpetrators lay low during peaceful times. WE do not!!!! 
      • Our country is on a national high after Obama's successful inauguration. We need to capitalize on that and help all the people walking the streets with a good feeling to get out and do something about that feeling. When you show up with the Guardian Angels, you encourage your fellow citizens to do something for the community!! 
      Bottom line . . . Come on out and help make a difference. Give me a call at 703 579 7991 so I know how many berets and jackets to bring. 
      Stay Vigilant, 
      Jordan Estrada
      Patrol Leader    
      Last year we had five Guardian Angels Neighborhood Safety Walk (GANSW) Groups out every week who dare to care about the neighborhood they live.  PSA 504, 403, 302, 107 and our biggest and still going throw the cold days PSA 104 with about 40 walkers this group walk Mondays & Saturdays.  This coming April we will start getting the past and future Safety walks started again.  In 2009 I would like to see a group of GANSW and or Orange hats in every PSA.  This year together we will cut down on crime.  If you would like to get a GANSW in you PSA and can get five or more people to walk for one hour every week or every other week please send me an email. 

      John Ayala
      Director Of Operations
      Washington DC
      Guardian Angels

      Citizen and Police Officers
      working together to make
      a difference.

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