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RE: [MPD-4D] Re: [MPD-5D] Daily Crime Reports/Crime Mapping Application

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  • Keith Jarrell
    I think it is clear that MPD has a lot of kinks to work on this new system before the community is willing to accept it as our only method of learning what
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 2009

      I think it is clear that MPD has a lot of kinks to work on this “new system” before the community is willing to accept it as our only method of learning what is taking place in and around our homes, and our lives.  Although the efforts may be to place better efficiency on the personnel and better use of the officers time,  it is clear that the proposed Crime Map is lacking substance and factual real time reporting as has been reported.  This is of a great concern.  If anyone should access to current trends,  and recent violent crimes it should be the citizens. 

      Keith Jarrell


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      Please count me in on this sentiment too.  The detailed crime reports also serve the purpose of putting a crime in context.  When you see the crimes mapped out on the crime mapping application, there are no details.  A "robbery" is just a "robbery."  However, when I read the crime reports, I am often able to pick out the crimes that are clearly targeted in nature and won't likely affect me versus the crimes that are more likely to be randomly targeting citizens.  Another good example are sexual offenses - if you just look at the crime mapping application, it could appear that there are a lot of sexual assaults taking place against random victimes by unknown attackers.  However, when you read the crime reports, it can often be seen that the majority of sexual assaults are within homes in cases where the victim knows his/her attacker.


      Again, like many people on this listserv, I read the daily crime reports.  I pay careful attention to what has happened and whether there is a string of robberies occurring in a particular area. Like Lars, I also use the crime reports to plan my daily route. 



      --- On Wed, 1/7/09, Lars Bromley <lbromley@...> wrote:

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      Subject: [MPD-4D] Re: [MPD-5D] Daily Crime Reports/Crime Mapping Application
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      Chief Lanier,
      I second Ms. Ransoms' comments. I used the daily crime reports to decide my best commuting routes to avoid violence. I commute by bus down Georgia, or via Red Line from Takoma, both of which require moderate walks to get to. Given the recurring robberies, assaults, and harassment on both routes, it was useful to decide which way to go based on the daily crime reports via email. The mapping system seems at least a few days behind, and requires more time to query and review, compared to the daily emailed crime reports. I know MPD and councilmembers generally drive everywhere (and the former get guns), but us poor common folks are out there with the thugs on a daily basis, who consider us prey. So, please consider our need for such tactical information.

      You may say that the DC alert system fills this role, but to my knowledge this alert system has not delivered many, if any, reports on activities in 4D.

      Lars Bromley

      >>> Gigi Ransom <gigir1829@yahoo. com> 1/6/2009 8:02 PM >>>
      Thanks Chief, but I still have concerns about this mapping and its effectiveness in community policing for the resident, since it lacks basic details needed to alert other neighbors to criminal activities in their area. True, the statistics help your direct efforts, but I am sure your officers benefited from citizens responses to the daily reports which have aided in solving crimes.

      I've researched my area, the west side of PSA 405 (the corrider of Hawaii Ave up Ft. Totten Rd and Taylor St NE, up to N. Capitol, north to Riggs Rd. and in between) and immediately noticed a glaring problem, the boundaries of the PSAs are not defined or clearly marked. It looks like my area of PSA 405 is located between PSA 501 or 301 (not clear) and 404.

      Again, I propose an alternative. Understanding that this is being done due to the proposed budget cuts, and your desire to see the assigned officers returned to the streets, why not propose hiring civilian staff or contracted services, primarily by a DC based company or non-profit organization to coordinate, collate and send out the daily reports? I am sure this is something that CM Mendelson would consider since this is such an effective tool in community policing. I am sure residents would support this method by testifying or sending in testimony to support this effort and the continuance of this valuable tool.

      Gigi Ransom
      Commissioner, ANC 5C12

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      From: "Lanier, Cathy (MPD)" <cathy.lanier@ dc.gov>
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 6, 2009 12:35:20 PM
      Subject: [MPD-5D] Daily Crime Reports/Crime Mapping Application

      Dear online listserv members,

      We rolled out the department's new interactive crime mapping system to
      our online members a couple of weeks ago, making our daily crime reports
      more consistent citywide. The advanced features on the crime mapping
      application provide a substantial amount of information about crime
      incidents that have been reported in each community in the District.

      We have recently received feedback from various members of our listserv
      groups around the city and learned of technical difficulties from
      various web browsers, with the exception of Internet Explorer. First, I
      want to thank you for the valuable feedback. To resolve these problems,
      I have asked our Information Technology staff to review them and develop
      solutions. I will reinstate the daily crime summaries for listserv
      postings for the next 30 days to allow I/T staff adequate time to
      improve upon the crime mapping application.

      Meanwhile, please visit the program and send us details, via this
      listserv, on any problems you experience in retrieving the crime data.
      We will pass this information to the I/T staff. It is my goal to
      automate this system completely so that we free up officers to patrol,
      while still providing you with automatic and consistent neighborhood
      crime data each morning that is in compliance with general orders
      regulating the release of public information. This cutting edge
      technology allows the Metropolitan Police Department to offer a service
      to you that few law enforcement agencies can offer, with the option for
      participants to extensively research around the clock, break down crime
      patterns and track improvements. I look forward to working with you to
      make this crime mapping program a success.

      To visit the new service, click http://crimemap. dc.gov (without the

      To learn how to get the most of this crime mapping application, visit
      http://mpdc. dc.gov/mpdc/ cwp/view, a,1239,q, 566898.asp

      Thank you for your partnership,

      Cathy L. Lanier
      Chief of Police

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