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Re: [MPD-4D] RE: A request for justice

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  • Gigi Ransom
    Commissioner Ward- I am stunned!  Especially after the incident about 1-2 months ago with the young man with a mental condition who was running amok robbing &
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 2008
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      Commissioner Ward-

      I am stunned!  Especially after the incident about 1-2 months ago with the young man with a mental condition who was running amok robbing & assaulting, and judges continuously releasing him.  This is a shame, a total disregarded for public safety, the hard work of the police.  I will be calling and emailing. 

      We are being given more and more reasons why District residents should be allowed to elect their own judges so that they know they will be  held accountable.

      I have previously presented this issue to be raised with President-Elect Obama.

      Please extend my sympathies to the family.  Can you advise of funeral arrangements?

      Albrette "Gigi" Ransom
      Commissioner-Elect, ANC 5C12

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      Date: Monday, December 22, 2008, 6:35 PM

      Commissioner Ward – Thank you so much for sharing your experience and also wanting a Christmas for ALL …





      From: jackie lashleyward [mailto:jlashleywar d@...]

      For many years I belonged to a very unusual family it is composed of men and women who work the night shift the 2-10 ,3-11or the 11-7.  This family was unusal especially on the 94 bus route we had bus drivers who called to make sure we would arrive at the bus stop as they were pulling up; so that our safety would be ensured. The Bus Driver would stay at the subway station until the last train came in to make sure we did not walk home. When that was no longer possible and the train was really late a supervisor would make sure we had a ride up the hill .And if I got stuck in virginia after the last regular train had left the station I was allowed to ride the Metro employee train and they would bring me to Anacostia Station and made sure I had a ride home. The Male passengers always would look out for me walking with me to make sure I got to my door safely. It is for this reason  Melody B. Williams story touch me so deeply because that could have been me or any of the men and women I ride with each night . It is in their name that I would like you to read request for Justice.


      Good Morning and Happy Holidays

      15 years ago a friend of mine lost her child to street violence although it is so common place today then it was a shock. For the next 15 years she walked in her neighborhood she kept saying every time she talked to a young man she wondered if he was involved in her son’s death.

      On December 7th Melody B.Williams was leaving her home to go to work at United Medical Center in the evening  in the 3000 block of Stanton rd Se accompanied by her two daughters  when  she was shot and killed . Her two daughters were shot as well; one in the leg the other in the back. 7th district investigated and arrested a suspect with community help. The Suspect was arraigned by Judge Jeffery Alprin in DC Superior Criminal Court last week; he was released without bail and only given heighten supervision without a GPS tracking system.

      Ms Williams leaves two injured daughters who were shot along with her, her son a 16 year old and a husband. This year her three children will spend holidays not only in sorrow but in fear.  7th district is doing all that they can to protect the family and the community.

      This Christmas I am asking everyone to give a gift of justice and action; please contact Judge Jeffery Alprin at (202) 872-1577 or (fax) 202 879-0116 or email Darlene.stukes@ dcsc.gov and ask them to put the suspect back in jail.

      I am also asking that you have any evidence on any unsolved murders please come forward. My friend was unable to get Justice; for her peace of mind and for mental health she relocated to a small town in Georgia . but the pain is still with her and also the ghosts.

      Please give the gift of justice to a mother, a child a husband, a lover, a family and a friend and to the victims. Let the ghosts rest in peace.

      Merry Christmas



      Jackie Ward

      Vice Chair

      Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A



      2100D Martin Luther King SE

      Washington, DC 20020


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