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Why I Feel Good

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  • Robert Vinson Brannum
    Friends, Last night I lost an election, not my life or my principles. Rather than dwell on the many Whys and What ifs, I am reminded of something relayed to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2008



      Last night I lost an election, not my life or my principles.  Rather than dwell on the many Whys and What ifs, I am reminded of something relayed to me several months ago of what my son said.  It was told to me that during a discussion in one of his morality classes about ethics, my 16 year old son stated to his classmates and teacher I was the most ethical person he knew.  One can only imagine how such a statement can fill a father’s heart with personal pride and profound joy.  If there is one person to whom I must apologize, it would be to him for his experiencing the actions of some in this community who found it politically profitable to violate his privacy and to inject him negatively in my political activism.  Today, America is on a new a challenging course in history and as an African American and as a retired military veteran I am deeply touched to have experienced this national change movement in my lifetime with my son.


      As a candidate for public office in 2008, I am immensely overwhelmed by those who supported me and shared my vision on District public education.  I am particularly thankful for the honest endorsement of Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr. and Fred Allen.  Their willingness, along with several others in Ward 5, to buck the will of powerful special interests in media and business to stand with me reflects on the heights of their integrity and the strength of their character. Their commitment to fairness, justice, and the spirit of righteousness rejuvenates me and revives my soul again. 


      It is always amazing how quickly numbers change and events unfold.  This campaign is over and I will not look back in sorry or wistfully thinking about what might have been.  It is not and will never be a part of me to engage in a campaign of misinformation, deception, or personal destruction.  Fear and hate has never motivated me to champion noble causes or to stand with people, rather hope for the future and love for mankind. 


      I congratulate Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton; Councilmembers Muriel Bowser, Kwami Brown, Jack Evans, Yvette Alexander on their re-election.   I also warmly congratulate Michael Brown on his election as an At Large Member to the DC City Council.  I also send my best wishes to others successful candidates for public office as members to the DC State Board of Education and Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.


      Finally, Ward 5, I am proud of my service to my community, to my Ward, and to the District of Columbia.  Today is a new day and tomorrow is filled great hope and expectations.  However, on this day and at this hour, I am genuinely proud to be an American.  God bless you all and know I will continue in the struggle for justice and equality for the citizens of the District of Columbia.





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