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Firecrackers Still

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  • gwensouth@aol.com
    It is now 12:18 midnight, July 15th and kids, youth and teens in Franklin Commons, a Horning Brothers property, are still popping off firecrackers. I want to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2005
      It is now 12:18 midnight, July 15th and kids, youth and teens in Franklin Commons, a Horning Brothers property, are still popping off firecrackers.  I want to know why 5D can't stop this. Horning Brothers management (202) 659-0700, refuses to do anything to stop this disturbance.
       This has been going on for each evening since July 4th and they are still popping these things.  I have called PSA 501 several times and 311 and I am still jumping to the floor, heart thumping, chills up my spine due to the sudden explosion of the firecrackers.  MPD 5D do something.  Come up here to the 100 Block of Franklin Street in plain cars/clothes and stop this.
      Gwen Southerland
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