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Meeting Tomorrow

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  • Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
    I am attending a meeting tomorrow with some officials, media reps and national organization representatives, who would like to attend a community s National
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2005
      I am attending a meeting tomorrow with some officials, media reps and national organization representatives,  who would like to attend a community's National Night Out Celebration.  If you can email me by 12noon on Tue, July 12, I can recommend your site for a visit.  
      National Night Out: 1st Tuesday in August Every Year
      National Night Out (information for community leaders)- see links below.
      Each PSA for MPD will hold a National Night Out event, led by its lieutenant.
      Click onto http://www.nationaltownwatch.org/nno/about.html go to the Super Store (then click the top left corner for NNO merchandise) to obtain an order form for National Night Out products and to read more about National Night Out.
      -tee shirts
      -crime prevention coloring books
      -strobe lights
      Thank You
      Yvonne Smith
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