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Re: [MPD-5D] Traffic on Lincoln Rd

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  • Nicole Donnelly
    Thank you for the update. I appreciate the work! Nicole On Sep 9, 2008, at 12:28, Greene, Lamar (MPD)
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      Thank you for the update. I appreciate the work!


      On Sep 9, 2008, at 12:28, "Greene, Lamar (MPD)" <lamar.greene@...> wrote:

      Sergeant Griffin has headed a traffic detail on Lincoln Road and they have written many violations.  The speeding behavior may take time to break, we will continue to focus on that area!!


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      I have not seen any officers in the evenings or weekends when I tend to be on the road there and still see people driving there much too aggressively.

      I am, however, curious as to the purpose of the officer (sometimes 2) that now seems to be almost permanently stationed on the corner of RI Ave and Lincoln Rd in the mornings. There is too much traffic in the mornings for anyone to speed there and the Lincoln Rd incidents all occur closer to the cemetery and the school. I have seen infractions still occur there in the mornings (red light running) that are not responded to by the officer(s).


      On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 12:05 PM, Greene, Lamar (MPD) <lamar.greene@ dc.gov> wrote:

      Thanks for keeping me informed, I have assigned the task to my traffic coordinator Sgt.  Griffin , I will give you an update on the progress at the location.  When are these violations primarily occurring?? We are focusing on the day hours since there is an elementary school near the location.  I hope our efforts in that area are seen by the residents but if not please continue to keep me informed!!!


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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Traffic on Lincoln Rd


      I sent the original post and to my knowledge, despite the assurances
      received, nothing has been done. I walk past there and/or drive every
      day and have not seen the electronic "speed sign" or police presence
      that was stated would occur.

      In fact, just a few days ago, a speeding car going southbound on
      Lincoln which turned onto 2nd street NE passed me with only INCHES to
      spare when I was walking IN THE CROSSWALK from Lincoln across 2nd -
      that corner houses the Shaed ELEMENTARY School and the Edgewood
      recreation is steps away.

      If there has been a police presence (I haven't seen it), it hasn't
      done one bit of good.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups. com, "nicole donnelly"
      <nicole.donnelly@ ...> wrote:
      > I know earlier this summer there was mention of more attention to the
      > speeding situation on Lincoln Road near the Cemetery. I don't if
      > ever came of this as I have been unable to drive a majority of the
      > due to foot surgery.
      > Today I was subjected to two incidents of aggressive driving on Lincoln
      > between Rhode Island and Franklin within 6 hours of one another.
      During the
      > first incident, a driver decided they had to pass me on the right at
      over 35
      > MPH. At first he tried to push between me and a parked car. He sped
      by just
      > to beat me to sit at the light at Franklin . A mere 6 hours later I was
      > tailgated by a man in a pick up truck who laid on his horn at me and
      > passed me on the right again an excessive speed only to find himself
      > at the light in front of me. Unfortunately, the officer two cars
      ahead of me
      > was driving in excess of the speed limit so missed the entire thing
      as s/he
      > made it through the light. S/he also missed the driver gesticulating
      > at the person in front of him who was apparently not making a right
      on red
      > onto Franklin fast enough for his tastes.
      > This is an area with a large number of children out at various
      times. During
      > the second incident, there were 3 on the sidewalk where the driver
      > me.
      > What can we do about this?? These two drivers were more aggressive than
      > those I typically encounter however not atypical in the speeds that one
      > typically encouners on that stretch of road.
      > Nicole
      > 4th & Franklin


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