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Re: [MPD-5D] Re: Melina's comments about Kathy Henderson

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    It is clearly proven that Kathy Henderson has a strong and sustained positive effort to bring change to this neighborhood. Change that would bring better and
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      It is clearly proven that Kathy Henderson has a strong and sustained positive effort to bring change to this neighborhood.  Change that would bring better and a safer neighborhood where people can again feel safe in their homes and businesses.  Her track record is one that many of us should aspire to equal.  Kathy Henderson understands fully the problems in Trinidad and has been a driving force to clean up streets,  abandoned houses,  and help to bring visibility to the on-going problems that much of the government has over looked. 
      Kathy Henderson has worked tirelessly with the MPD to step up patrols in badly needed areas where thieves, and thugs were making inroads of trouble and causing many to feel destitute.  No one in that community should in any way offer any remarks to the contrary.  In my opinion Kathy Henerdson's record speaks for itself and she is right on target with her efforts.  Efforts such as hers should never be disregarded or taken lightly.  Clearly anyone that doesn't appreciate Kathy Henderson and her remarkable efforts either don't understand or accept the problems in this neighborhood. Or they are guilty of playing a role in the demise that has for too long resulted in the terrible living conditions.
      All of these bars and lounges and clubs should be closed when they continue to be problematic to the residents of this and all communities.
      I don't know Kathy personally but certainly can easily say we need more people in this city like her!!
      Keep up the great work Kathy and know that you are fully supported and deeply admired for your continued vision that good change comes through hard work.
      Keith Jarrell  
      Happy Trails to you,
      Until we meet again.
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      From: "melinafzal" <mafzal@...>

      Your attempts to build community support in opposition to Jimmy
      Valentine's Tavern is based on your personal opinion. Now it is an
      obsessive crusade which has taken a great deal of our community's time
      and resources to have a legitimate business shut down. Can anyone from
      MPD provide data that directly links crime activity to the Tavern?

      As it has been proven time and time again economic development
      decreases levels of crime. We have been watching it on H Street. Look
      at how economic development has improved U st. Economic development
      will move down Bladensburg. That is inevitable. Thus, the owners are
      already positively contributing to our community. By the way, the
      owners live in Trinidad, there is even more of an investment in our

      Your continual exaggerated efforts to shut Jimmy's down are
      provocative attempts to get what you want they way you want it. Based
      from my conversations with our community, including several immediate
      neighbors of Jimmy's Tavern, there are no issues with the Tavern. This
      battle you are choosing to "valiantly" fight is not contributing
      positively to building a neighborhood. When individuals get to this
      point, they become detriment to the larger picture. To clear the
      record this is your battle. You have just convinced a few people the
      owners are bad and immoral people. I am not sure you are in place to
      judge anyone.

      There are many things we need to do to make Trinidad safe. I think it
      would be outstanding if as a community we can address the core
      problems that lead to senseless killings and other crimes (ie gang
      prevention, substance abuse education, empowerment programs,etc) . Not
      only address but implement sustaining action. We need more than vigils
      and walk throughs. I have to wonder if the family members of the
      individuals who have died are concerned about a bar that has clientele
      that are far from violent criminals.

      Furthermore, community building is about what is best for the greater
      of the whole -it isn't about the individual needs getting met- the
      result is a peaceful environment where everyone is regarded and
      respected. Change in a community happens when there is will and
      motivation to create that change. This is an appropriate time for this
      plug: If you are a Trinidad/Ivy City/Carver Terrace resident- willing
      to role up your sleeve to make change happen our Community Work Group
      meets at the Trinidad Rec Center the Wed after our PSA mtgs @ 6:30.

      My apologies for hijacking this listserve to respond to the original
      post. No means is it my intentions to fuel any fires- I am exhausted
      of this drama and think we need to move on and start addressing real


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      > < BR>>
      > I don't understand how you can try to link Jimmy Valentines to the
      > violence in the neighborhood. That comment is ridiculous and
      > inflammatory as per usual!
      > " Increasingly, this community which is partially located in Trinidad,
      > > has endured horrific levels of violence, forcing our police to
      > > strongly.... "

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