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Re: Additional Shootings in Ward 5

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  • agurs20002
    More shootings in Ward 5? What is going on? I have been reading about all the shootings, but has there been a link established to all the shootings? Mayor
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25 10:07 PM
      More shootings in Ward 5? What is going on?

      I have been reading about all the shootings, but has there been a link
      established to all the shootings?

      Mayor Fenty, do you read this list? please respond. Harry Thomas, are
      you a bug in DC government's ear to pour more resources into Ward 5?
      Not just police, but workshops, development to better the citizens of
      Ward 5? DC has changed a lot of the years, but Ward 5 is in desperate
      need of help.

      Perhaps, is it possible to seek the help of the federal government?

      Maybe I am overreacting, but the tactics used thus far only send the
      criminals into hiding, and then they are back. And when they come
      back, they are bolder. The citizens of the neighborhoods want to help.

      This is a tough problem. This is an off the wall idea, but maybe we
      should have a block party in Trinidad to bring out all the neighbors
      so they can get to know each other. The intent would be to get to
      know your neighbor, know his or her name, become their friend, build a
      neighborhood of where I know my neighbor is looking out for me.
      Regardless of economic status, drug use history, etc. Befriend all
      those in the neighborhood, not judge them.

      Gentrification will come to this area, but do we have to wait for the
      trolley to roll down H St for development of this area. We can build
      a sense of neighborhood, a sense of pride. I agree 110% that those
      who commit crimes should be prosecuted, but when it becomes a cycle,
      what does prosecution achieve?

      My point is that criminal activity may be a way of life, a way of
      survival. This is all they know. Perhaps it just takes talking to
      someone to let them know there are other alternatives. This neighbor
      may know something to help this neighbor.

      I don't want to push these criminals out of the city to become a
      burden to Maryland or other Ward. Even the bad little kids hanging
      out on the corner who get on my last nerve, we have to help them
      change their way of thinking, give them a sense of pride.

      Let's rebuild Ward 5, let's all rebuild Ward 5 together. We all
      belong here and must live together. The citizens of Ward 5 will be
      MPD's biggest ally.

      Sounds good on paper, but Trinidad is just one of DC's best kept
      secret. It really is.

      I am not running for any public office or want any recognition. Ward
      5 is home for me and it is the home of many generations. I am just
      tired of all the violence, tired, exhausted.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Vinson Brannum" <rbrannum@...>
      > Neighbors, tonight has seen additional shootings in Ward 5 in the
      area of
      > Lincoln Road, North Capitol and S Streets. According to reports 4
      > have been shot. Commander Greene is on the scene.
      > Robert Vinson Brannum
      > Chairman, 5th District Citizens' Advisory Council, Inc.
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