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Re: Your Help

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  • Chase, Ayawna (COUNCIL)
    Ms. Weaver, We can work with DDOT to help implement traffic calming measures. ... Sent using BlackBerry ... From: Thomas, Harry (COUNCIL) To: Francis Weaver
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 3, 2008
      Re: Your Help

      Ms. Weaver,

      We can work with DDOT to help implement traffic calming measures.
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      Ms chase on my staff will follow up

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      Subject: Your Help

      Good Afternoon Kathy/Councilman Thomas

      We wanted to share with you our recent experience with Cars/Trucks/SUV's
      driving at high speeds when turning onto Lang Place off of 17th Street.

      We chose randomly one weekday and then chose one weekend day and both
      were dangerously high however the number on the weekend increased by a
      larger margin.

      The people of the 1700 block of Lang Place NE are interested in applying
      for a request of a street bump(s) to slow down these non-resident
      drivers that speed through our single lane (Cars Park on both sides)

      We were able to calculate that the average speed when these drivers turn
      onto Lang Place at around 40mph-50mph (to our understanding due to it
      being a neighborhood the average speed should be 15-25mph)

      More importantly as you know we have a large number of children that
      live on Lang Place and there have been incidents where drivers going too
      fast had to slam on brakes to avoid hitting a child innocently crossing
      the street.

      This is a precaution to avoid the tragic event that may happen with
      someone getting seriously hurt or killed. Can you please assist by
      leading us to what procedures need to be followed and if assistance is
      needed we would be more than willing to help.

      Awaiting your response


      Francis Weaver

      1701 Lang Place NE


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