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RE: [MPD-5D] Community Crime Summary for 5D

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  • Thomas, Harry (COUNCIL)
    We will follow up with mpd ... From: brevardb@aol.com To: MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com Sent: 7/3/08 10:49 AM Subject:
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      We will follow up with mpd

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      I wish we could get such service here on July 4th, where Myrtle Avenue, and
      Clinton and Walnut Streets intersect.
      For the past three years, my neighbors and I have complained about Mt.
      Rainier, MD residents in SUV's, pickup trucks, vans, and campers, taking over
      that intersection with their illegal fireworks. The intersection is the located
      three blocks for Mt. Rainier and is quite large. Walnut Street is hilly and
      provides a great view and safe distance from the fireworks AND the seemingly
      30-ish men/males/idiots igniting them. The crowd has grown larger each year.
      The streets are actually blocked by their vehicles and spectators seated in
      chairs. The males ignite the fireworks in the middle of the intersection. It’
      s like a tailgate party gone wild. Last year, they began gathering about 9pm.

      We videotaped last years' takeover and submitted it to the Mayor's office,
      which may have been the inspiration to ban fireworks in the city. You could
      hear the rockets hitting the metal awning on our homes. Neighbors on Monroe
      Street mentioned finding firework debris in their backyards. We would have
      called the police, but because the smoke was so thick, we feared for the
      officers' safety. I could not see my next-door neighbor's home, only the porch
      light, which was also captured on video.
      Any advice?

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    • mpd5d_coordinator
      Posted February 06, 2009 Key for abbreviations F&V- type of crime: Force and Violence EVN MID – denotes shift Evening or Midnight UNK unknown DV or DOMVI –
      Message 300 of 300 , Feb 6, 2009

        Posted February 06, 2009

        Key for abbreviations                                                                                                                 


        F&V- type of crime: Force and Violence

        EVN MID – denotes shift Evening or Midnight

        UNK unknown

        DV or DOMVI – Domestic violence

        2045 2100 denotes time (military)

        501  07106191 denotes offense ID number

        B/O block of



        PSA 501

        Sex Abuse Child 1st

        SHIFT: UNK 01/28/2009   01/29/2009 1900 1930

        ADAMS ST NW, Residence/Home 501  09013444



        Theft 1

        SHIFT: UNK 02/04/2009   02/05/2009  0700

        UNIT B/O P ST NW, Parking Lot/Parking Garage 501  09016738



        PSA 502

        Theft 1

        SHIFT: UNK 02/03/2009   02/04/2009  1945 0530

        12TH ST NE & LAWRENCE ST, Public/Private School 502  09016147


        PSA 503



        PSA 504

        Robbery Snatch

        SHIFT: UNK 02/05/2009  0725 0727

        1700 B/O NEW YORK AVE NE, Service Station 504  09016585


        ADW Knife

        SHIFT: UNK 02/05/2009   1428 1443

        1200 B/O QUEEN ST NE, Residence/Home 504  09016779


        Burglary 2

        SHIFT: UNK 02/03/2009   1600 UNK

        1300 B/O TRINIDAD AVE NE, Unknown 504  09016596


        Theft Tags

        SHIFT: UNK 02/04/2009   02/05/2009  2230 1335

        1000 B/O 17TH PL NE, Street/Highway/Road 504  09016728


        Stolen Auto

        SHIFT: UNK 02/04/2009   02/05/2009  1600 1352

        1700 B/O H ST NE, Other 504  09016376



        PSA 505

        Robbery Gun

        SHIFT: UNK 02/05/2009   0525 UNK

        2200 B/O 25TH PL NE, Street/Highway/Road 505  09016571






        Fayette Vaughn-Lee

        5D Community Outreach Coordinator

        202 698-0188



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