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Re: [MPD-1D] Seven murdurs, multiple shootings: D.C. Slayings Bring '08 Toll to 72

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  • Matt Ashburn
    In the below article, Fenty said, We owe this community a more concentrated effort. How can he say this when he paid for the funeral of Deonte Rawlings, who
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2008
      In the below article, Fenty said, "We owe this community a more
      concentrated effort." How can he say this when he paid for the
      funeral of Deonte Rawlings, who shot at police officers before the
      officers killed him in self-defense?

      Mayor Fenty, stop paying for criminals funerals and then I (a resident
      less than a block from the triple shooting this weekend in 5D) will
      consider taking your remarks about crime fighting seriously.


      On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 10:44 AM, bobdc2 <bobdc2@...> wrote:
      > Below is an article in the Post that discusses a very violent 24
      > period in the district beginning Friday night, some of it occurring in
      > MPD-1D.
      > ----------------------------------------------------
      > D.C. Slayings Bring '08 Toll to 72
      > By Allison Klein and David Nakamura
      > Washington Post Staff Writers
      > Sunday, June 1, 2008; A01
      > http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/31/AR2008053102342.html?hpid=moreheadlines
      > An overnight spasm of violence in the District ended near dawn
      > yesterday with seven men dead and three wounded, including a triple
      > slaying after a street argument, a drive-by shooting near an
      > elementary school, a deadly domestic dispute and a crap game that
      > ended in a fusillade of bullets, police said.
      > All the killings, including the slaying of a man found with his throat
      > cut in his car near his home, occurred within about a two-mile radius
      > in the Trinidad, Marshall Heights and Edgewood Terrace sections of
      > Northeast and Southeast Washington, in neighborhoods ranging from
      > working-class to tumbledown, where families in neatly kept rowhouses
      > live among street-corner loiterers and littered vacant lots.
      > One of those killed, a 52-year-old man, was shot by D.C. police after
      > he refused to drop a knife during a domestic dispute, authorities said.
      > "This can only be described as an unbelievably high level of violent
      > crime to take place in a short time," Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) told
      > reporters yesterday, standing in the 1100 block of Holbrook Street NE,
      > where three victims were killed about 4 a.m. in a hail of 35 shots.
      > "We've had some crime sprees, but this has got to be one of the most
      > violent days in recent memory, if not ever."
      > Eight people were slain in the District in a 24-hour period that began
      > June 24, 1993. The violence continued the following day, eventually
      > leaving a total of 10 dead in 36 hours. Last Sept. 1 and 2, five
      > people were killed in a 24-hour wave of shootings citywide.
      > Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier, who cut short a personal trip and was
      > returning to Washington yesterday, said by phone that police are
      > working with the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office and that she
      > expects arrests in a few of the weekend cases soon. As of last night,
      > one arrest had been made.
      > "The cases are still evolving," Lanier said. "We're still interviewing
      > people from overnight."
      > The weekend slayings, which do not include the police shooting, pushed
      > the city's homicide toll to 72 for this year, the first time that the
      > 2008 body count has surpassed the number of slayings at the same time
      > last year. Five of the killings took place in the 5th Police District,
      > home to about 10 percent of the city's population. Crime in that
      > Northeast police district has been especially heavy lately: 12
      > killings and 38 robberies in March and April, compared with three
      > slayings and 17 robberies during the same period last year.
      > "We owe this community a more concentrated effort," Fenty said.
      > Such efforts have been promised before after similar spates of gun
      > violence. Twice in April, the mayor and police officials ordered
      > beefed-up patrols in some of the areas besieged this weekend.
      > Five people were killed in four days in Northeast beginning April 14.
      > Less than two weeks later, a citywide rash of violence left four men
      > dead and 11 wounded in a 24-hour span. And in January, four teenagers
      > were wounded in a drive-by shooting as classes were letting out at
      > Ballou Senior High School in Southeast. Last year, 77 percent of the
      > city's 181 killings involved firearms.
      > "We do not want to kick off the summer like this," Assistant Police
      > Chief Diane Groomes said yesterday. "We need to get the guns out of
      > people's hands."
      > Late last night, a man was wounded by a gunshot in the back in the
      > 3500 block of Warder Street NW, in what appeared to be the latest
      > violent act in the District, police said.
      > The first incident in the weekend's spasm of violence occurred at 9
      > p.m. Friday in the 1600 block of Trinidad Avenue NE, when the
      > 52-year-old man was killed during a confrontation with officers.
      > Police said they had been called to a home to deal with a domestic
      > dispute. The man approached them with a knife and refused to drop it,
      > police said. They opened fire. As of last night, his name had not been
      > released.
      > Just before 1 a.m., Shannon Shamar Lewis, 27, a furniture mover, left
      > his apartment in the 5300 block of C Street SE in the Marshall Heights
      > area, where he lived with his mother, Michelle Lewis, his grandmother
      > and one of his three young children.
      > The street dips and rises like a shallow V, with the playing fields of
      > C.W. Harris Elementary School on one side and single-family houses and
      > Urban Outreach Apartments on the other. As Lewis stood waiting, his
      > family, in the apartment, heard gunshots.
      > "I called 911 and went outside," said the grandmother, who declined to
      > give her name. "I looked that way, then someone said to go the other
      > way. Shamar was lying in the parking lot."
      > Two other men were wounded, one of them critically, in what police
      > said was a drive-by shooting.
      > Jason A. Dale, 24, of Oxon Hill was charged last night with
      > second-degree murder.
      > "I saw all the shootings on TV, and I thought, 'Even if they catch
      > these people, that won't bring my baby back,' " Lewis's grandmother said.
      > About a half-hour after Lewis was killed, police were called to the
      > 1100 block of Abbey Place NE, not far from Union Station, where a
      > group of men gambling with dice had gotten into a heated argument.
      > Gunfire ended the crap game, with the victim shot several times.
      > Police did not identify the slain man last night.
      > At 2:30 a.m., police said, a man was shot and wounded in his buttock
      > at Kenilworth Avenue and Quarles Street NE. He was recovering at a
      > hospital yesterday. Then, at 4 a.m., three men were fatally shot after
      > an argument on Holbrook Street NE, about a block from the H Street
      > corridor, a popular strip of restaurants and nightspots. Police said
      > the dispute might have begun in a nightclub. They said 35 shots were
      > fired by at least two gunmen with semiautomatic weapons.
      > One victim fell dead in an alley, one collapsed in the street and one
      > died in a car. Police identified them as Duane Hough, 27, of the 1400
      > block of Trinidad Street NE; Anthony Mincey, 35, of the 600 block of
      > Morton Street NW; and Johnny Jeter, 24, of the 1700 block of Holbrook.
      > "Something personal happened with these guys," said Groomes, adding
      > that officers patrolling the area were close enough to the scene that
      > they heard the shots.
      > Police discovered the final homicide victim about 6 a.m. in the 2400
      > block of Fourth Street NE. Lawrence Simmons, 66, was asleep in his
      > black Chrysler when someone beat him on the head and cut his throat,
      > according to police and family members. Simmons, who lived nearby in
      > the 300 block of Channing Street NE, was a friendly man who fixed cars
      > and did carpentry in the neighborhood, relatives said.
      > "He was a jack-of-all-trades," said his brother, Elmon Simmons, 73.
      > Simmons said his brother, who had lived in the neighborhood for 20
      > years, liked to sleep in his car on warm nights. He said he did not
      > know who would have wanted to kill his brother. "He didn't have any
      > enemies," Elmon Simmons said.
      > On C Street, where the drive-by shooting occurred, Tamy McBride, 39,
      > said she returned home from a cocktail lounge about 2 a.m. and found
      > her neighborhood cordoned off by police. They initially refused to let
      > her pass but then relented, she said. She saw clothes lying in the
      > street and a cluster of detectives standing nearby.
      > "I am concerned," McBride said. "I just thanked God right there. I
      > said, 'Thank you for saving me.' "
      > Staff writers Aaron C. Davis and Clarence Williams contributed to this
      > report.
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