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Regular Foot Beats on 10th? Waste Not!

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  • brian.ions
    Erin, with respect, there simply aren t enough cops in the city to be allocating foot beats on the basis of the whim of any particular residential squeaky
    Message 1 of 8 , May 31, 2008
      Erin, with respect, there simply aren't enough cops in the city to be
      allocating foot beats on the basis of the whim of any particular
      residential squeaky wheel.

      Sure, we'd like to have a cop walking our mostly residential block, too.
      Who wouldn't? But I have to recognize that this city has too few police
      officers, and they best be allocated where they can deter the greatest
      amount of crime and apprehend the greatest number of criminal
      perpetrators. Assigning a *REGULAR* foot beat to my residential block
      (or yours) would be a huge waste of scarce MPD resources.

      I'd rather the city and MPD heed my Grandma's advice... *Waste not!*
      Patrol cars, scooters, bike patrols and residents' proactive
      involvement/ regular communications with officers and MPD PSA LTs,
      together, form a much better solution to crime prevention.

      Whatever the mobility level available, certainly, police officers can
      and should be assigned to beef up violent crime hot spots (i.e., those
      with crime incidence spikes) until the source(s) is determined and the
      perpetrator(s) are apprehended. (My guess is, that's pretty much S.O.P.
      at MPD, as it is in most urban PDs.)

      Let's keep in mind, however, that it is the VISIBILITY of police
      officers that provides a deterrent effect to potential criminal
      perpetrators. That's a function of the NUMBER of POLICE available, AND
      the actual NUMBER of CRIMINAL EYEBALLS that see them. And that, in turn
      is a function of an officer's (or police pairs') MOBILITY level.

      Regular foot beats should only be assigned (and then, only during times
      needed) to areas of the highest pedestrian density with the highest
      potential for criminal activity. That's usually going to be a retail
      commercial area, crowds around a high density Metro (although WMATA has
      some responsibility/ jurisdiction there, too), a civic center with
      regular sporting events, concerts, pedestrian tourist areas, etc., etc.

      on Newton/ 502

      BTW, Erin, it's only an anecdotal observation, but I drive southbound on
      10th pretty regularly, and have seen patrol cars S. of Franklin-- I'd
      guess, no less than other blocks, anyway.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, Erin Heramb <erheramb@...> wrote:
      how can the block obtain appropriate police support? Where is the foot
      beat this block has been promised for several years? ... a more obvious
      type of watchfulness i.e. police presence would help so... much.
      > This area (2500-2700 block of 10th) has long been neglected from the
      police. It seems that it borders on being really unsafe but not unsafe
      enough for the amount of attention and commitment it needs from the
      > -Erin
      > 10th
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