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Answers: Re Questions Re: 18th and Otis NE

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  • Bill and Rob
    1) What if that police guy got a call on the police radio for a robbery in progress or a shooting or a stabbing or a domestic violence victim screaming for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2005
      1) What if that police guy got a call on the police radio for a
      robbery in progress or a shooting or a stabbing or a domestic
      violence victim screaming for help? What do you think was the
      priority? I don't think the protocol for police is to respond to
      citizens driving up next to them telling them where to go.

      Answer: There are several officers on duty. If one officer is
      responding to a call/report, then another officer is to respond to
      new calls (unless it is an extreme case). Without having been there
      to hear what the youth said to the resident, it could have been
      taken as a threat. What is worse? How do you best deal with risk
      mitigation? Do you only respond after violence occurs or is it
      smarter to investigate the issue and prevent it from escalating to
      violence? If it were me, I'd appreciate the officer checking the
      complaint to ensure my safety and wellbeing. Before they have to get
      the EMS involved.

      2) How in the world were you able to tell that someone was smoking
      marijuana from a distance, while you were securely hidden in your

      ANSWER: Where you there? Why question someone when you don't know
      the answer either. Seems as though you are arguing to allow kids to
      drink and break the law. Neighborhood kids drink, smoke and use
      marijuana in the alley behind my house. Sure, not that big of a
      deal. But one of the was arrested a month ago with a firearm in his
      possession. I don't know why he was arrested, but it concerns me
      that I was willing to let kids be kids when that could have been
      just a means for them to test the laws even further. If they think
      they can openly get away with breaking the laws, when do they begin
      to learn to respect the rights of others? My rights are that I
      should have to clean up the alley after these kids from their
      trash...my trash can is only steps away from where they sit (talk
      about lazy). My rights include my ability to sit in my backyard and
      not smell the marijuana and listen to their limited language (a
      great deal four letter words).

      3) What are the alternatives for youth in our area to get together
      for social purposes, especially on Friday and Saturday nights? What
      options will they have this summer?

      ANSWER: How about going to the basketball court and not drinking;
      playing a legal game of basketball. While all along respecting the
      people who live on that block. In other words, acting as though they
      are not the only people with rights; acting without an ego or
      errogance. Who forgot to teach them manners?

      4) I think as residents, we should get together and install cameras
      in our neighborhoods and advertise those cameras by posting signs
      that say "THIS AREA IS UNDER CAMERA SURVEILLANCE." We are sure to
      get results. There are other things we can do as residents to
      assist. I learned a long long time ago that we cannot rely on the
      police department to solve every neighborhood nuisance we
      experience. If you don't believe me call the police department and
      ask them how can you schedule a ride-along. That is how you can see
      all the calls they get and the nature of those calls.

      ANSWER: This resident doesn't what to live the life of "Big
      Brother". I don't need cameras on every block to threaten people to
      behave. I'd rather the police patrol the area and hand out sitations
      for minor fractions...littering, speeding, double parking,
      loitering, running red lights. There isn't enough of this going on.
      As a transportation safety and security expert, the results of
      studies have proven that our drives are becoming more ignorant to
      the safety laws when driving. This is because no one is enforcing
      the laws to remind them of the importance. By the way, you say here
      that you want cameras every where. Later, in the last paragraph, you
      say that you don't want police patroling every corner. Seeing that
      you want the cameras linked into the TMCs and surveiled by police
      centers, what is the difference? Do you want to be able to commit a
      crime where the camera catches you doing it, but because the cops
      are not present so that you have a chance to get away? The cameras
      may be able to track you, but it take a person to arrest you.

      5) Has anyone been to a police meeting or called to see if that area
      could be put on special alert for officers to visit throughout their
      shifts. In the Third District we were told that locations can be
      on special attention. That is how we got officers to pay frequent
      visits to areas where loitering was prevalent.

      ANSWER: I never understood publically calling area as a problem area
      that needs more police attention. Why not just tell the
      criminals "Hey guys and gals...We plan to patrol the Otis street on
      Monday night from 8 pm to midnight. I recommend that you not be in
      the area. And just go to another area for that time period."

      I don't like seeing people hanging out in front of my property
      either. There are plenty of ways we can curtail this kind of
      behavior without expecting a full-time stationary cop to be on every
      corner in every section of our district. It's not gonna happen.
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