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  • Erin Heramb
    brokemoto wrote:To: Brookland@yahoogroups.com From: brokemoto Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 16:40:33 -0000 Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2005

      brokemoto <brokemoto@...> wrote:
      To: Brookland@yahoogroups.com
      From: "brokemoto" <brokemoto@...>
      Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 16:40:33 -0000
      Subject: [Brookland] Re: 18th and Otis NE

      I would be interested in learning what, if anything, the police

      One of my counterlocutors on the subject of roadblocks has suggested
      that they are effective crime-fighting tools, but I wonder if a
      roadblock either at night or closer to that particular trouble spot
      may have been more effective than the daylight seat belt trap that
      they did have on Twelfth St., N.E. between Perry and Quincy on the
      same day.  The presence and timing of that trap tends to give me
      back my contention that these are mostly for revenue enhancement
      and, in fact, do take the police's attention from the real problems.

      The MPD should explain the failure of patrol car #529 even to go to
      the scene after assuring the poster that he would.  If I had driven
      by patrol car #529 on Twelfth St., N.E. without wearing  my
      seatbelt, I would have been pulled over and issued a summons

      Some may wonder what is the big deal about a few people hanging
      around drinking beer and getting an illegal smile and did we not do
      that when we were young. The answer is yes, we did, BUT:

      1.  We avoided doing it in residential areas because people called
      the police when we were loud.

      2.  We had designated drivers who were limited to Coke, pretzels and
      cigarets (yes, I know, cigarets are icky-poo anymore, and no one
      wants to admit that anyone has ever smoked them, but that does not
      change reality).

      3.  We put our beer cans into the trash.  If the trash cans were
      full, we found another trash can and put them there.

      4.  When the police did come by, we showed a little discretion. 
      Yes, they knew what we were up to, and they would remind us to keep
      it down and throw our trash into the barrels, but as long as we
      created no problems, no one got into any trouble.

      5.  We also policed ourselves.  If we saw another group of kids
      start to leave the area and leave their beer cans out, we got on
      their case and made them put the cans into the barrels.  Some of
      them wondered  why we fussed, but we reminded them that the reason
      that the police did not bother us is that we cleaned up our trash
      and did not let people forget to mind their manners.  There was one
      instance where it was more than the several groups could handle.  We
      simply found a police car driven by an officer who had seen us more
      than once.  We explained the situation.  He told us to find another
      place for a while and that the police would see to it that matters
      were set right.  We did what he asked.  When we came back, there
      were no problems.

      From the one response that I have read to the inital post, it
      appears that these people are at least not cleaning up their trash. 
      I am probably not far off the mark when I suspect that few, if any,
      of the cars have designated drivers.  If people are not
      conscientious enough even to clean up their trash, it is doubtful
      that they would be too worried about designated drivers.

      If the police must do roadblocks, clearly they should be doing
      them at night when there are more troublemakers out there.  I do not
      like roadblocks; they are hallmarks of a stalinist or a fascist
      society, not a free one.  Since most do not agree with me, the
      police could put them to more effective use.  The point of the
      daylight roadblock and counterpoint of the night time trouble spot
      in the same neighbourhood on the same day illustrate this need. 

      The police's apparent failure to take any action regarding a real
      problem is further proof of a need to reconsider some enforcement
      priorities.  Often, when the police do stop a motorist for, say,
      running a STOP sign, the offending motorist will say something such
      as 'Shouldn't you be catching murderers, burglars and drug users?'. 
      The police want to say to him <OK, mush-for-brains, they told me to
      catch people breaking the law and do something about it, I caught
      you........>.  The response that the police are often trained to
      give is "Sir, if you will show me or tell me where the burglars and
      drug users are, I will arrest them."  Here is a case where someone
      showed or told the police where the drug users were and the police
      failed not only to arrest them but even to chase them away-----
      unless the police can tell us something different about
      this.........As our friends in Australia used to say 'I'm awake'.

      --PL on Decatur St.

      --- In Brookland@yahoogroups.com, Erin Heramb <erheramb@y...> wrote:
      school grounds on Otis St. NE between 18th and 20th NE at 10:50pm on
      Saturday, 6/4/05, when we viewed approximately 15 individuals 
      drinking and smoking marijuana in and around vehicles parked on Otis
      NE, next to the basketball courts. reported the situation .  As we
      continued on our way, we passed patrol car on 12th NE and stopped to
      let the officer (patrol car #529) spoke  to officer who spoke with
      dispatch and assured me he was going to immediately respond to
      assess the situation. My wife and I decided to head back to 18th and
      Otis NE, We intersected patrol car #529 at 16th and Otis NE and
      followed him on 16th to Newton NE where he stopped for a short
      period of time prior to making a right hand turn onto Newton NE and
      continuing in the direction of 12th NE. 
      These individuals were consuming alcohol, smoking marijuana and
      > Remember these are your tax dollars at work...

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