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Response From Gang Prevention Unit

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  • Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
    5D Residents, here is a response from Sgt. Aguilar. This email will be forwarded to your PSA Lieutenant too. Email history below.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2005
      5D Residents, here is a response from Sgt. Aguilar.  This email will be forwarded to your PSA Lieutenant too.  Email history below.

      From: Aguilar, Juan Sgt. (MPD)
      Sent: Fri 6/3/2005 5:03 PM
      To: Smith, Yvonne (MPD);  Jordan, Brian (MPD)
      Subject: RE: Response From DC Police Dept: MS13 Graffiti

      Yvonne, just wanted to let you know that my guys (Gang Intervention/Prevention Unit) responded out to the locations you mentioned. We photographed the graffiti (one of three photos attached), tomorrow we are responding back with the graffiti removal forms. We will also contact the owners to see if they wish to remove it themselves. It appears that only one of these may actually be on public space, (red brick wall) but we will double check. Once the graffiti removal forms are executed, they will be hand delivered to the Graffiti Removal Unit and assigned log numbers. As soon as I get these numbers I will forward them to you so that your folks, if they wish, can call to check on the status. Thank you very much for informing the citizens of your area on what to keep an eye on. This is exactly the info we need. Additionally, if you could advise them, please keep an eye out for possible suspects and possible addresses of suspected gang members. We will look into any information they may have. Once again, Thank you.
      Sgt. Aguilar, Juan D.
      Metropolitan Police Department
      Gang Intervention Partnership Unit
      750 Park Rd. N.W.
      Washington, D.C., 20010
      202-576-8209 / 576-5625
      Fax 202-576-5757
      Cell 202-528-8608

      From: Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
      Sent: Fri 6/3/2005 1:10 PM
      To: brooklandorangehats@yahoogroups.com; Aguilar, Juan (MPD)
      Subject: Response From DC Police Dept: MS13 Graffiti

      Excellent work, Regina!!  That is exactly what Orange Hat Groups are for.  I want to share this with some other listserv groups in the city.  When you see gang-related graffiti, please call the Gang Violence Prevention Unit at 576.8209 or email the police official in that unit at: Juan.Aguilar@...
      We just spoke with Sgt. Aguilar and he is sending someone over to get photos and to begin the removal process.  We also made sure the Watch Commander at 5D received this.  As residents, we are asking that you keep your eyes wide open so that we can track this kind of activity.
      For more information about Orange Hat Patrol Groups and how they can assist, visit:

      From: brooklandorangehats@yahoogroups.com on behalf of christaltips
      Sent: Fri 6/3/2005 12:50 PM
      To: brooklandorangehats@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [brooklandorangehats] MS13 Graffiti

      Hi all:

      I was "on patrol" last night and failed to notice (or did not see?) a
      huge "MS13" sprayed on a retaining wall at 13th and Rhode Island.  I
      definitely saw it this morning though.  Needless to say, I'm a little
      concerned about this.  There are several possibilities here: (1) we
      have some MS13 or related gang presence in our neck of the woods, (2)
      we have some kid(s) who aspire(s) to belong to this group or (3) we're
      dealing with a merry prankster who thinks this sort of thing is
      amusing.  I'm not liking any of these possibilities.

      I called the Mayor's Citywide Call Center and asked for graffiti
      removal on that corner, but this sort of thing is precisely why we're
      involved in Orange Hats.  Suggestions?

      13th St., NE

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