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Re: [MPD-5D] Let's Discuss Pocket Bikes

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  • Jon
    My guess at a definition would be a bike that is under 30 inches in height.  It often places the drivers head at the level of a CAR HOOD!  Also, no lights. 
    Message 1 of 9 , May 2, 2008
      My guess at a definition would be a bike that is under 30 inches in height.  It often places the drivers head at the level of a CAR HOOD!  Also, no lights.  No turn signals.
      Scooters (over or under 50cc) have headlights, taillights, are well over 30 inches tall and place the driver at a visible height.
      We also have non-street legal (2 stroke) dirt bikes in the city.  Normal height, no lights, and unregulated emissions.
      Under a certain age, a "bike" rider must wear a helmet.  Pedal-Bicycle or pocket bike, correct?
      Adults on a "bike" under 50cc may not be required to wear a helmet.
      Regardless, none of these can be driven the wrong way down a street and blow through stop signs!!!!!  This is what I see too often.

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      I think one problem is that nobody has defined "pocket bike".  Until you clearly define it, a lot of people are going to have trouble answering you.

      Under 50cc?  Under a certain seat hight?  I honestly don't know what a "pocket bike" is.

      On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 10:41 AM, Jon <jwh_east@yahoo. com> wrote:

      I think your first email had too many questions, and they were too closely linked.  In a moment of frustration, I think any resident is prone to do that.  This may be especially true for those of us who agree w/ you on the 'broken window' issue.  When I see an officer ignore a minor crime, (my blood boils then) I spend the time trying to justify their action in my mind.  I try to stay aware of the fact they have undisclosed priorities, tasks, assignment, and threats.  But to the point.
      For your question:
      Are Pocket Bikes allowed on sidewalks?
      Were we not instructed to dial 911 when we see this occur?
      Please, please correct me if I recall this email thread incorrectly, b/c I will  be one of the first residents calling THIS weekend.

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      I suppose that I am not surprised that no one has answered my questions about the pocket bike situation. I do understand that taking care of homicides in DC is a Number 1 priority and I support that. 
      However, I am talking about a quality of life, a "broken windows" issue. I do not see pocket bikes on sidewalks in certain areas of the city. But I do see so-called "minor" public annoyances like pocket bike riding occurring in areas of DC that are border line problem areas.
      What decent, intelligent parent would think that a loud, cheap, short 2 wheel vehicle is the thing for their child? What kind of adult would think that this was as safe as a non-registered vehicle or a bicycle? Think about it. Sometimes Big Brother's Touch is needed for common sense civilization so that we can all live safely.
      What local government would put up with pocket bikes for so long? I can Google forever and find other (than DC) jurisdictions realizing this hazard.  An example from 2005: The Alexandria City Council... (http://www.washingt onpost.com/ wp-dyn/content/ article/2005/ 07/06/AR20050706 01001.html)
      Again, I do understand the greater concern with dealing with the homicides. I had a relative murdered in this ward in 2006. It is another unsolved homicide.
      WE ALL NEED TO BE INVOLVED IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. Let us start with our own block.
      It is scary for some of us. We might get labeled as a do-gooders or snitches. Remember to take care of yourself and family first. Sometimes little things might help on your block. Let them see you pick up trash around your home.
      When I first moved back into DC, I was a little timid about being here. And I was born in DC and grew up in a working class neighborhood. I did not see good hard-working folks hiding and putting up with "mess." 
      I pay to live where I am. I work hard. I deserve a decent quality of life on my block without "broken windows." The "broken windows" are on my block - but I am determined to do what little that I can to repair the windows. I/We can also use the assistance of some common sense from the DC Government before the murders. We can also help ourselves and help the DC Government before...
      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups. com, "imzenaida" <zenaida@...> wrote:
      > What is the DC Law regarding Pocket Bikes?
      > Is there a DC Law regarding Pocket Bikes?
      > Do you need a license to operate a Pocket Bike?
      > Are Pocket Bikes allowed on the street?
      > Are Pocket Bikes allowed on sidewalks?
      > Are Pocket Bikes allowed to be operated by minors? On the Sidewalk? On
      > the Street?
      > Are pocket Bikes allowed to be operated by minors under 4 feet in
      > height? On the Sidewalk? On the Street?
      > My sidewalk and street was repaired recently. I live in a block of
      > rentals. Other than being unsafe for the short ones riding up and down
      > my sidewalk, will Pocket Bike riding ruin what the DC Government has
      > fixed?
      > Would I have to ask these questions if I lived in Ward 3?
      > Thank you in advance.

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