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another small-time con artist in Bloomingdale

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  • sara kaufman
    FYI: From a couple recent inclusions on the Bloomingdale email/listserve. Every year we get a different person/reason to [try to ]scam a few bucks out.
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      FYI:   From a couple recent inclusions on the Bloomingdale email/listserve.  Every year we get a different person/reason to [try to ]scam a few bucks out.    Probably not enough details on the van;  hopefully we can get the tags or something more descriptive.
      See this 4/24/2008 message from a resident  of 1st Street NW near the McMillan Sand Filtration site:  
      "We had a sketchy dude knock on our door at MIDNIGHT last night.  He was the passenger in a beat up, white, 80's era van, like a chevy or dodge.  He started by saying he and his wife, who was a doctor, drove from Tulsa Oklahoma and recited a phone number, etc.  He said they were moving in down the street and needed money to square something with the police.  I asked where he was moving.  He pointed south and said 2507, in the condo.  He was pointing the wrong way.  I should have called the cops.  He may have been casing the joint.  The dogs were looking at him and he asked if they were friendly.  I told him they were trained to tackle and subdue on command.   Opened my gate, knocked on my front door twice at midnight while his companion, whom I didn't see, sat in the driver's seat of the van parked in front of the hydrant.  I really should have called the cops."
       Description: Male, black, thin, medium height, (approx 5'6", 135), articulate, improbable. 

      And a subsequent comment:
      I think I encountered the same man on Flagler during the day last week. He too was saying that he was my new neighbor and was from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He [said he had driven] for two days straight. His rental-moving van broke down just outside DC and he needed $15 to pay for the ticket he got from the cops, otherwise they were going to tow him. There was no van with him at the time. He looked very believable and distressed, though I was suspicious and did not give him any money. In addition to his description, I'd add that he was missing a few teeth in the front.
      If you are approached by him, call the police immediately!
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