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  • Detria Hutchinson
    Thank you for your updated email. It was timely and sensitive. I believe it reflects the concerns and desires of the majority opposed to the minority who
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2008
      Thank you for your updated email.  It was timely and sensitive.  I believe it reflects the concerns and desires of the majority opposed to the minority who would prefer to house our children in cages. 

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      My earlier email message, which listed 8 ways to help our city's unsupervised youth was partly in response to recent listserv postings about a group of children who one resident believed should be "locked up for the summer". 

      It was my way of asking you all to help us prevent this type of frustration from residents.  It's something we all can have a hand in resolving.

      Around the nation, arrests rates among juveniles are the highest during the summer months, when many school-aged youth are unsupervised.  Many parents send their children to school at no direct costs to them, and can't understand why summer supervision averages $100 per week, per child, which many parents are unable to pay.  This leaves many children free to supervise themselves during the summer, which could also lead to further frustrations by residents.

      All year, we at MPD have been meeting with a number of community partners in an effort to bring information about fun, free and supervised activities, including summer day camps to the city's youth to reduce juvenile delinquency and increase summer safety for our city's children.   That's the Chief's vision for the summer, we will utilize all 73 days of the school's summer break and partner with agencies and organizations to offer information about structured activities for our city's children and teens.  The information will be made available for parents and communities who need the resources.

      Please know that the goal of the Summer of Safety is to ensure that our young people are supervised, because we believe that with supervision comes a level of safety.  The e-mail's shock value was to capture the attention of those residents who believe that our children should be put away.  At MPD, we don't accept that notion.  We think all kids deserve to enjoy a safe and supervised summer.

      Thank you for your commitment to this effort.  Please help us spread the word to parents that wonderful programs, like the ones listed below exist for the children of this great city.

      Yvonne Smith

      Here are 8 steps you can take to prevent problems with unsupervised youth.

      1)      The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is working with MPD.  We have asked them to bring the Skatemobile and other fun mobiles to locations that are occupied by unsupervised youth in the summer months.  If you know of addresses we can use, with flat surfaces where MPD can meet the DPR Skatemobile for supervised outdoor skating, please send the exact addresses to: yvonne.smith@ dc.gov   (Subject: Skatemobile) .

      2)      Secondly, if you know of a program that is free or at a very low cost to DC’s families, please share the information with your local community outreach coordinator (contact info below).  The police officers will be equipped with a list of structured summer programs during the summer months for families to consider.  The goal is: No child left unsupervised during the summer months.

      3)      Visit our SOS website: http://www.mpdc. dc.gov/sos   to learn more about Chief Lanier’s Summer of Safety (SOS) program.

      4)      Refer youth and their families to our Summer Hotline to learn about free events for Youth during the summer months: (202) Im-Bored – (202) 462-6733.  3-1-1 call takers will also be briefed on the Summer of Safety info next week.

      5)      Refer other organizations with credible summer youth programs to add to our MPD Summer Youth Events Calendar.  Last year, our calendar reached thousands of families and assisted with providing families with options for the summer.  (2008 Calendar Entry Form attached) To see last year’s calendar, visit: http://mpdc. dc.gov/mpdc/ frames.asp? doc=/mpdc/ lib/mpdc/ serv/programs/ sos/sos_calendar _full.pdf <https://outlook. dc.gov/exchweb/ bin/redir. asp?URL=http: //mpdc.dc. gov/mpdc/ frames.asp? doc=/mpdc/ lib/mpdc/ serv/programs/ sos/sos_calendar _full.pdf

      6)      Support the Camp Brown Fundraiser Dinner.  Each year, the proceeds from this dinner pay for local youth to enjoy a one-week overnight stay at Camp Brown.  This year, the Joseph K. Smith Memorial Camp Brown Fundraiser Dinner will be held at the Washington Navy Yard on June 13 at 6:30pm.  This special event has served in the past few years as a reunion for city leaders and activists around the District.  It’s also for a very good cause.  The event is sponsored by the Executive Citizen Advisory Council.  To find out how to purchase tickets ($40) or ads for the souvenir booklet, dial 202-727-8809 or 202-829-3735.  See the SOS website for a photo and description of Camp Brown-  www.mpdc.dc. gov/sos   Once you attend the fundraiser dinner, submit names of children on your block to us who could use a one-week getaway to camp. J  Camp Brown is hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and the Metropolitan Police Department.  For more info about the Clubs, visit: http://www.bgcgw. org/clubs/ dc.html <https://outlook. dc.gov/exchweb/ bin/redir. asp?URL=http: //www.bgcgw. org/clubs/ dc.html

      7)      Summer Jobs for Teens- The Department of Employment Services (DOES) will register teens in the Summer Youth Employment Program through April 26.  Once teens have registered with DOES, they will provide up to 15,000 youth, between the ages of 14 – 21 with summer jobs at various DC Gov’t agencies and non-profit organizations.  Chief Lanier has encouraged families to register their teens as another means of ensuring supervision during the summer months.  Last Saturday, MPD held a teen summer job registration in Ward 8.  Various police districts will continue doing so until the deadline.  For more information, see your Community Outreach Coordinator (listed below).

      8)      Finally, the Mayor’s Spring/Summer Guide, sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation will be released this weekend.  This guide will also contain information about structured summer day camps (some free of charge) and other summer activities to keep our city’s youth engaged and involved.  Tell parents and grandparents to read the guide to learn about the summer programs. For more information about the guide, visit: www.dcsummerfun. dc.gov and for more information about what DPR has to offer, visit www.dpr.dc.gov

      9)      If the 8 tips above are not working for you by the end of June and your neighborhood is experiencing problems with unsupervised youth, please let us know.  (202) 727-8809 or (202) 576-6600.

      Help us help you and all of the potential unsupervised youth during the summer months.  When youth are supervised, delinquency decreases.  With your help, community members, we can “Take a Bite out of Crime”!  Let’s work together to reduce your chances of saying, “We have bad kids on my block”.

      Metropolitan Police Department’s Community Outreach Coordinators

      7D- Lendia.Johnson@ dc.gov <mailto:Lendia. Johnson@dc. gov>  (phone) 202-698-1454

      6D- Julia.Irving@ dc.gov <mailto:Julia. Irving@dc. gov>  (phone) 202-489-9942

      5D- Fayette.Vaughn- Lee@... <mailto:Fayette. Vaughn-Lee@ dc.gov>  (phone)

      4D- Alicia.Rucker@ dc.gov <mailto:Alicia. Rucker@dc. gov>  (phone) 715-7476

      3D- Marco.Santiago@ dc.gov <mailto:Marco. Santiago@ dc.gov>  (phone) 671-6604

      2D- Gwendolyn.Mapp@ dc.gov <mailto:Gwendolyn. Mapp@...>  (phone) 438-8453

      1D- CarolynL.Smith@ dc.gov <mailto:CarolynL. Smith@dc. gov>  (phone) 698-0315

      Police HQ- Yvonne.Smith@ dc.gov <mailto:Yvonne. Smith@dc. gov>  (phone) 727-8809

      Yvonne Smith

      Metropolitan Police Department

      Community Services & Youth Outreach

      (202) 727-8809 office

      (202) 727-7756 fax

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