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Re: [MPD-5D] Police activity last night on Bladensburg?

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  • Daniella Gibbs Leger
    Thanks for the information, 5d.
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 27, 2008
      Thanks for the information, 5d. 

      On 2/27/08, Wayne Steinhilber <sgtsteinhilber502@...> wrote:

      A carjacking of a privately owned/operated taxi cab by two suspects was reported by PGPD. 
      A DC citywide lookout for the cab was broadcast to patrol units. MPD air ship 'Falcon One' made a visual sighting of the cab parked at Eastern and Blandensburg Avenues.
      When the airship directed a spotlight on the cab, the cab attempted to flee - stopping near the intersection with two suspects jumping out and leaving the cab in the street.  One suspect fled eastbound into the residential area and the other westbound towards the train tracks.
      The police cars in the area were securing the parameter while MPD K-9 units searched for the suspects. Both suspects made good their escapes but evidence was recovered and that evidence was turned over to PGPD.  The cab driver was not injured and is working with PGPD detectives.
      If more information becomes available, I will post it.
      Sergeant Wayne Steinhilber
      Patrol Supervisor - PSA 502

      Daniella Gibbs Leger <daniellagibbsleger@...> wrote:
      Hello 5d.  Can someone give any information on the police activity last night arount 10pm on Bladensburg and Eastern Avenue?  There were 2 police copters hovering, and at least 10 cop cars blocking the road, clearly looking for someone around the train tracks.

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