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Crime E-lert Dec. 27, 2007

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  • Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
    Hello all, 1) Financial Crimes Alert: I am personally advising all residents to check their bank statements and recent bank transactions (either by phone, at
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      2nd Gun Amnesty (Buyback) This Month
      Hello all,
      1) Financial Crimes Alert: I am personally advising all residents to check their bank statements and recent bank transactions (either by phone, at your bank or online) to ensure that no fraudulent charges have been made during the Christmas/Holiday Season.  My Credit Union has been the target of a recent scam, which affected my account with charges related to a local department store.   If you find that you have been the victim of such a scam, first, call your bank's 24-hour hotline to report the problem and make sure your funds are protected.  Secondly, contact the store in which the charges were made to report the incident.  Thirdly, file a police report.
      2) Congratulations to the community member in the Seventh District, J. Jefferson, who won a free sit-down lunch meeting with A/C Groomes after being entered into the drawing for donating toys to the local police district's holiday party for children.  We thank all of you for participating around the city in our local toy drives.
      3) Summer of Safety 2008: If you know of an organization that offers a summer program, summer camp or any kind of summer activities for DC's youth at little to no costs, please have them call 202/727-8809 to participate in the city's Summer Outreach to Youth in 2008.
      4) For more information on the following, visit our website at mpdc.dc.gov.
      MPD's Programs and Resources
      MPD's Senior Citizen Police Academy
      MPD's Police Districts and PSAs
      MPD's Weekly Newsletter
      Crime Statistics
      Holiday Safety Tips
      Victim's Assistance Programs
      Online Auctions
      Sex Offender Register
      Crime Solvers
      5) Reminder:  Gun Amnesty Program (This Saturday)
      Saturday, December 29
      8:00 am – 4:00 pm


      The Gun Amnesty Program is an opportunity for people to turn in their weapons to authorities

      — no questions asked. The program is open only to residents of the District of Columbia or one

      of the following jurisdictions: Prince George’s County, MD; Montgomery County, MD; Arlington

      County, VA; or Alexandria, VA. No payments will be made to gun dealers; if gun dealers bring in

      weapons, they will be taken, but no payments will be provided. No identification will be required

      to participate. Only weapons in working order will receive payment. Those turning in weapons are

      granted amnesty from any gun possession charges that might apply.

      Learn more at www.mpdc.dc.gov/gunamnesty

      Shiloh Baptist


      1510 9th Street,


      Johnson Memorial

      Baptist Church

      800 Ridge Road

      , SE

      Union Temple

      Baptist Church

      1225 W Street, SE


      Yvonne Smith

      Community Services & Youth Outreach

      Metropolitan Police Department

      Washington, DC 20001

      202/727-8809 office

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