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Crime Prevention Through Video (Part II)

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  • Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
    Outreach to the Community: MPD s Holiday Series, Part II November 20, 2007 Subject: Transition to Digital TV and Possible Scams 1) Greeting Hello Members of
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      Crime Prevention Through Video (Part II)

      Outreach to the Community: MPD’s Holiday Series, Part II

      November 20, 2007

      Subject: Transition to Digital TV and Possible Scams

      1) Greeting

      Hello Members of the District of Columbia,

      During the holiday season, we will share with you continuous safety tips that we would like for you to share with your friends and family online and verbally.  Through the Internet, with help from community members and activists like you, MPD believes we can “Take a Bite Out of Crime.”  With your help, we can reach more than 40,000 online residents in the District, alone, by the end of the day.

      For more information on crime prevention through outreach, please contact us in the Community Services and Youth Outreach Division, where we specialize in violence intervention, senior citizen and clergy outreach, youth and school programs, and community outreach. (202) 727-8809.

      2) Crime Prevention Video for the Week:  Scams to Sell TVs

      Watch Video by Clicking this Link http://cbs13.com/local/bricks.vcr.stolen.2.464504.html (Click Blue Button on the Photo to View the Video)

      3) Message to Residents

      As you know, the transition from Analog to Digital TV (DTV) is approaching.  The deadline is set for February 2009, but false rumors have some residents thinking the deadline is in early 2008 This brings us to our crime concern- This holiday season, there may be people attempting to sell televisions to residents who are unaware of the DTV facts Not just in this area, but around the country, scams, from selling cheap TVs that only pick up analog signals, to selling rocks in a box and selling oven doors as flat-screen TVs will be on the rise with the news of the DTV transformation if residents are not tipped off to common holiday scams. Oftentimes, residents, particularly residents who fear deportation will not report scams.  We urge residents to report all crimes to the police and known criminals to the police.  We also urge residents who will make expensive electronic purchases to deal with reputable stores. 

      The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has created a website and a DTV Commission to keep you fully informed on the transformation to Digital TV, which has been called the greatest television breakthrough since the transformation from Black and White to Color Television.  That website and others are listed below.

      4) Resources

      Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Info on the Transformation to Digital TV


      About the Digital TV Transition


      High Definition TV Guide (I.J. Hudson, Reporting) NBC-4 Local News


      Yvonne Smith, Director

      Office of Community Services and Youth Outreach

      Executive Office of the Chief of Police

      Metropolitan Police Department

      300 Indiana Avenue, NW, Room 4034

      Washington, DC 20010

      202-727-8809 office

      202-727-7756 fax

      yvonne.smith@... e-mail

      http://www.mpdc.dc.gov website

      Alton, Bigelow, Commander

      Community Services and Youth Outreach Division, a component of the Patrol Services Bureau

      Patrol Services Bureau

      Diane Groomes, Assistant Chief

      Melvin Scott, Commander

      Steve Sund, Inspector

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