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RE: [MPD-5D] "Nuisance" neighbors and their associates/friends

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  • Greene, Lamar (MPD)
    Where is the building located? I will have my officers givw the building special attention Sent from my GoodLink synchronized handheld (www.good.com) ... From:
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      RE: [MPD-5D] "Nuisance" neighbors and their associates/friends

      Where is the building located? I will have my officers givw the building special attention

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      Commander Greene, I'm hoping that you can help with this situation.


      I live in a privately-owned 2-story (total of 4 units) apartment building in Ward 5. It is a relatively quiet block. However, one of the residents has blatantly moved in other people, and refuses to pay rent (not since July). That is not my battle to fight (NOTE: The property owner, a?federal government retiree/widow, recently went to court to get an eviction order); however, there is constant 'traffic' in and out the building at night...for quite a while now. Often, the exterior (front and rear) security doors are left unlocked - an obvious security issue/violation.?We suspect that the rear exterior door lock has been 'jimmied' to allow 'anytime' access. Do I suspect illegal (drugs?) activity? I don't know what to suspect anymore. I know that it's not NORMAL to see someone (female) walk out of the building at 1:30am to an awaiting car, stand at the driver's side window and talk for 2-3 minutes, get into the car, and 20 minutes later, she is being?dropped off. YES..I?stayed u
       p that late to observe that happen. In particular, there are at least two cars (a dark green Cadillac-MD tags driven by a black man with thick long braids) that come and go as much as the building residents. This would not be a problem except that at one point, he obviously?had his own set of building keys. I understand that he has a lengthy criminal record - as well as some as the others** that come in as late as 11:30pm and may not leave until 5 or 6am. The building owner has expressed her frustration at not being able to legally remove this resident (who, incidentally,?moved a girlfriend in, but denies this fact when confronted about it, and has refused to have her name added to his lease). She/property owner has been told that the Marshall service will not be able to serve the eviction order sooner?than 60-90 days. Keep in mind that she has not seen any rent from this tenant since June. I've often heard how difficult it is for landlords to evict tenants; therefore, tenan
       ts can 'live for free' for months at a time....until they are forced to move on and inflict the same?thing on another unsuspecting landlord.?

      Isn't there anything that the police can?do to "drive away" these unwanted visitors?? Is?police intervention warranted?? On this past Saturday morning (5:30am to be exact), I awoke because I?heard the "squeaky" rear door entrance being?opened/closed. When I looked outside, the dark green Cadillac was parked BEHIND the building (to avoid being seen?), and several people were getting out and coming into the building through?the rear entrance. This is the routine. The gentleman that lives directly across the hall (a retiree) is so exasperated, and says?that he?contacted?MPD-5D abour 3 months ago, but nothing has happened. On Wednesday evening about 6:30pm, he and I were outside the building talking when the guy who drives the green Cadillac came out the building, got into his car (which we were standing next to), spent a few minutes there, and then went back into the building.?I do understand that the higher?mission/priority is to work on unsolved criminal (especially, murder) c
       ases, but there has got to be something that can be done.?Personally, I would be happy to see some action taken just to "deter" these unwanted visitors from coming around. If MPD?cannot help us, can you offer some advice on how best to proceed?? As the building owner said to me recently "I resent the fact that these people have taken over my property". Our sense of safe and security is gone.?We don't know WHO and WHAT is living around us anymore...and for those of?us not yet?retired, heaven only knows what goes?on in the building while we are at work.??



      **2) a metallic green Honda Accord with noisy muffler;

      ???3) a black Chrysler Crossfire?





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