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Re: [MPD-5D] Armed Robbery on Kearney Saturday the 10th?

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  • Wayne Steinhilber
    Dave: In reference to your question, two female Catholic University students were walking eastbound in the 1300 Block of Kearney Street NE when two male
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 14 5:12 AM
      In reference to your question, two female Catholic University students were walking eastbound in the 1300 Block of Kearney Street NE when two male subject ran up behind them.  One of the male subjects struck one of the students in the face, causing her to fall to the ground. The subject then grabbed her purse and the second male subject grabbed the purse belonging to the the other female.  Both subjects ran southbound from the location.  No weapon was used or displayed.  Both subjects are African - American, one being tall and the other of medium height.  Both were dressed in dark jackets and pants.
      A check of the area located both purses (with contents intact - less cash and a cell phone) dumped on DC school property in the 3100 Block 14 Street NE. Without going into details that may hamper a future prosecution, evidence of a very promising nature was obtained from the scene and is now in the possession of 5Th District detectives.
      As far as any trends, there is an expectation of increased robbery attempts as we enter into the holiday season. This possible increase is being addressed by PAS 502 members with the deployment of a 2 officer bike team during afternoon and evening hours.  Along with the bike team, a two officer Crime Patrol unit is dedicated to patrol of the 12 Street Business District and the surrounding residential streets. 
      Citizens can assist by keeping an eye open for suspicious behaviors to include subjects loitering in alleys and in residential areas.  Pay special attention to subjects who appear to be watching or following you as exit locations, walk to your home or car.  You will know what seems improper and a simple call to police will enable officers in the area to respond and check out the circumstances.
      Also, citizens can help reduce the chances of being a target for crime by staying focused to their surroundings.  Interviews of robbery suspects have indicated a strong focus on citizens who seem to be distracted by walking and using cell phones, Ipods, or using other electronic devices with headphones.  Walk with confidence, stay focused and telephone police anytime you feel a situation is not right.
      As for students who may be attending parties or events off campus, it is suggested they walk in groups, both to and from the event.  Simple safety in numbers.  PSA 502 team members will be doing outreach efforts at off campus housing units and businesses that cater to students in order to pass on crime prevention information. 
      As additional information becomes available, I will forward it to ListServ members.  Thank you for your question.  
      Sgt Wayne Steinhilber
      PSA 502 - Third Watch

      kodaiwai2003 <kodaiwai@...> wrote:
      Hello to the 5D personnel monitoring the list. A friend who works at
      Catholic let us know about an armed robbery of a Catholic U student on
      Saturday the 10th of Nov. at 13th and Kearney. Can you give us some
      more details like time of day, etc and whether there are any suspects?
      We are concerned, needless to say given the problems this Fall with
      people being robbed heading to/from Brookland Metro station.


      Dave on Kearney

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