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FW: FYI - Safe Surrender Complete

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  • Groomes, Diane (MPD)
    Fyi - DIANE C GROOMES Assistant Chief of Police Patrol Services and School Security Bureau Metropolitan Police Department 801 Shepherd St NW, 20011 202
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2007
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      Fyi -



      Assistant Chief of Police

      Patrol Services and School Security Bureau

      Metropolitan Police Department

      801 Shepherd St NW, 20011

      202 576-6660 office

      202-996-3386 pager



      From: Carol Holloway [mailto:Carol.Holloway@...]
      Sent: Monday, November 05, 2007 10:49 AM
      To: Groomes, Diane (MPD)
      Subject: FYI - Safe Surrender Complete


      FYI –


      Fugitive Safe Surrender in Washington , D.C.

      Fugitive Safe Surrender Concludes

      530 Surrender During Program

      Interviews with Surrendering Offenders Available at http://media.csosa.gov

      For Immediate Release, November 3, 2007: Contact: Leonard Sipes, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, 202-220-5616 (office) or 240-882-8274 (cell), or Bernard Graham , US Marshals Service at 202-359-5766 (cell)

      530 surrendered throughout the Fugitive Safe Surrender in D.C. program. 15 percent found that they were not wanted for a warrant.

      Approximately 30 percent were for traffic cases and approximately 70 percent constituted criminal charges.

      245 surrendered on Saturday.

      Out of a total of 530 surrendering, ten were asserted: three were arrested for a domestic violence--assault and battery cases, five were arrested for escape from a correctional facility, one was arrested for armed robbery and one was arrested for a felony assault.

      The remaining received new court dates or had their case resolved and returned home.

      Example Participants

      The first in line Friday morning walked from Landover, MD to honor his mother’s birthday request to surrender.


      An offender, serving time at a halfway house after serving 15 years for a violent crime, brought his father in to surrender on a warrant for a drug case.

      A female participant surrendered after her estranged husband told her that he had sworn a warrant for assault. She discovered that no warrant existed.

      One woman surrendered on a 20 year old shoplifting warrant.

      An interview of the first person surrendering at Bible Way on Friday is available on the “DC Public Safety” podcasting site, http://media.csosa.gov. Go to audio podcasts. The audio is also available on www.dcsafesurrender.org under audio and video. Audio of the first person to surrender at the Bible Way church on Thursday is also available.

      Fugitive Safe Surrender Basics

      When: The program began on Thursday, November 1 and ended on Saturday, November 3. Hours were from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

      Where: The location was the Bible Way church, 1100 New Jersey Ave, NW , Washington , D.C. 20001 at the intersection of New York and New Jersey Avenues.


                  Telephone Answering System at 202-585-SAFE


      Fugitive Safe Surrender is a national program of the US Marshals Service and is being supported by the DC Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. The national program web site is http://www.usmarshals.gov/safesurrender.





      Carol D. Holloway, Deputy Director

      Office of Security Management

      Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency

         for the District of Columbia

      633 Indiana Avenue, N.W. - Suite 826

      Washington, D.C.  20004

      Office:  202-220-5727

      Cell:  202-345-4808


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