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RE: [MPD-5D] Another accident at Oates & Orren involving a police cruiser

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  • Greene, Lamar (MPD)
    I will direct my PSA units to enforce traffic with no tolerance at that location, however we have a very strict anti chase policy and they cannot pursue
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 3, 2007
      I will direct my PSA units to enforce traffic with no tolerance at that location, however we have a very strict anti chase policy and they cannot pursue vehicles for traffic. please keep me posted as to whether you notice a difference in the traffic flow.

      Lamar D. Greene
      Fifth District


      From: MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com on behalf of Tina DCTina
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      Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] Another accident at Oates & Orren involving a police cruiser

      I second this resident's feelings regarding motor
      vehicle use in Trinidad. There are a couple targets
      I'd like to see MPD go after:
      First, the illegal motorbikes Trinidad Resident
      mentions. Not only do they speed down streets,
      sometimes in the opposite direction of posted signs
      but also through alleys AND worst of all, down the
      sidewalk. I was almost run down by one the other day
      speeding down Florida Ave on the sidewalk as ai began
      to step off my stairs.
      Second, a subject close to me and the rest of the
      residents along Florida AVe is that it has become a
      major highway, more than ever before. Certainly the
      roadwork on H St has contributed to the more
      widespread use of Florida as a thoroughfare but the
      speed is quite often shocking. We sit on our front
      porches and routinely witness people driving 50-60
      mph. There are alot of elderly residents on this
      street afraid to cross and rightly so.Lets not forget
      the Gallaudet students who walk Florida as well, not
      only in the area of the speed camera. I see this
      problem only getting worse as construction on H St
      ramps up even further. Speed limit signs say 25; even
      an ENFORCED 30-35 mph speed limit would be welcome. I
      think if MPD could pay a little more attention to
      speeders, making increased stops for this reason it
      could at least begin to send a message.
      Thanks for the hard work....

      --- "Greene, Lamar (MPD)" <lamar.greene@... <mailto:lamar.greene%40dc.gov> > wrote:

      > I agree that we can always increase the enforcement
      > of traffic however a nieghborhood signed petition
      > may be enough to get speed bumps installed, I will
      > also have the psa lt increase enforcement at this
      > location
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      > Subject: [MPD-5D] Another accident at Oates & Orren
      > involving a police cruiser
      > Dear Commander Greene and Lt. Anderson,
      > Last weekend there was another accident at Orren &
      > Oates Sts. NE that
      > involved a police cruiser. My neighbor and I thought
      > back and we think
      > we can remember at least three more accidents at or
      > near this
      > intersection in just the last year. At the scene of
      > last week's
      > accident I watched a person roll up to the
      > intersection on an illegal
      > dirt bike (no plates or lights that I could see) and
      > an officer on the
      > scene just waved the guy on the bike through the
      > intersection.
      > I bring it up because my belief is that more traffic
      > enforcement would
      > be beneficial in 5D even though there are things
      > that may seem to be
      > more important places to put resources. People here
      > seem to take
      > traffic signs and signals as suggestions rather than
      > indicators of the
      > law and the rampant disregard for the
      > rules--reckless speeding, rolling
      > through stop signs, riding unregistered motorcycles
      > often the wrong way
      > down one-way streets, etc.--contributes to the air
      > of lawlessness that
      > we sometimes feel here. I believe it also leads to
      > the frequent
      > accidents here at my intersection and I fear it's
      > only a matter of time
      > before a pedestrian is killed in the neighborhood.
      > I don't believe in asking the police to solve all
      > our problems and on
      > our end we are collecting signatures to have
      > speedbumps installed. But
      > I did want to voice my opinion and ask you to
      > consider occasionally
      > focusing on traffic enforcement, particularly
      > speeding in neighborhood
      > streets.
      > Thank you for your attention and for your continuing
      > efforts in the 5th
      > District and PSA 504
      > Sincerely
      > Robert Parker
      > Trinidad

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