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CrimeDoctor.com Tips & Videos In 5D Links Reposted

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  • brian.ions
    I promised Fayette Vaughn-Lee I d repost these CrimeDoctor.com links a long time ago. Sorry I didn t get to it
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007
      I promised Fayette Vaughn-Lee I'd repost these CrimeDoctor.com links a long time ago.  Sorry I didn't get to it until today.  Watch your Yahoo firewall, as they bounced them off last time.  This is some excellent information -- and on point to the earlier posts yesterday and today.

      on Newton/ 502

      MPD-5D Listserv Links Section  

      Crime Doctor Articles: Security Advice f/ An Expert  
      Security Consultant, Chris McGoey, is internationally known as an expert in the fields of security, loss prevention, and crime prevention. He works with business owners, property managers, law enforcement, and the legal profession. Mr. McGoey has prepared an extensive series of original articles for this website. We hope you find these ideas helpful.

      Crime Doctor Online Videos (Direct Link f/ *CrimeDoctor.com* Site)  
      As a community service, security expert Chris McGoey has collaborated with VideoJug to produce this series of free personal safety videos for the protection of your home and family.

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