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RE: [MPD-5D] Fwd: robbery at gunpoint

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  • Groomes, Diane (MPD)
    Thanks so much for posting this information - there has been a trend of these type of robberies/home under renovation invasions throughout the year - 1d just
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2007

      Thanks so much for posting this information – there has been a trend of these type of robberies/home under renovation invasions throughout the year – 1d just made an arrest in a case last night- we also have our Latino Liaison office doing outreach to the community alerting them to the occurrences






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      202 576-6600 office

      202-996-3386 pager


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      Forwarded f/ a post (yesterday, 10/1) on the Brookland listserv. (See
      PL's followup.)

      --- In Brookland@yahoogrou ps.com, flanagan trish <trishandherfish@ ...>

      Today at 4:50pm the construction workers renovating
      the owned but unoccupied house opposite mine were
      robbed at gunpoint (15th/jackson) .

      I saw the crimnals 1 minute before the actual robbery
      took place, as I was pulling away from the curb they
      were walking up the front steps. Fortunately, no one
      was physically harmed as all three had guns;
      unfortunately, I did not get a good look to give a
      better description: 3 young adult males approx
      17-early 20s, medium black complexion, average height,
      lanky build, one in a gray sweatshirt and jeans, the
      other two dressed in black sweatshirts/ black pants.

      What I learned from those robbed -- one guy came by
      earlier and walked in the open door as they were
      working. When questioned why he was there he said he
      was looking to buy a house. They told him that it was
      owned and was not selling. They regret not calling
      the police at this first round because the age, dress,
      and line and method of inquiry (walking in and looking
      around, no standard questions in line with home
      buying) of the person clearly demonstrated 'kid' more
      than 'potential home owner,' and thus after the fact
      realize this was the stakeout for the later return in
      the day, when his friends were available to assist.

      What I learned FROM THE POLICE -- 1.) construction
      workers are an easy target for robberies of their
      property (tools, $) and your household property,
      because since they don't know every one of your
      relatives, friends and neighbors, they allow
      themselves to be approached by strangers visiting.
      For this same reason I assumed that these boys were
      friends or relatives of the not yet moved in young
      couple I have only met once... 2.) Latino workers are
      a still easier target than general construction
      workers, because roughly 50% don't report the crime
      due to either working unlicensed and fear the trouble
      they will expose themselves to, and/or because police
      in their own country are connected to the crime rings,
      and they do not believe US police are really any
      better. 3.) the pre-visit is a common robbery set up
      pattern, on a type of people commonly marked -

      So my take away from this experience is this:
      1. If someone shows up on your property that doesn't
      quite 'fit the bill,' better to be suspect and
      guarded, as you are only protecting yourself and your
      property. If the person is innocent, well the
      questioning by the cops ultimately does him/her a
      service to wake up and realize that in today's time
      you just don't walk up on someone's property and into
      an open door uninvited. They should know they were
      lucky to encounter you, a nice person who only called
      the cops to check them out -- another person may not
      be so nice and may try to physically protect their
      2. If you are not in your property yet, make it a
      point to visit often, even if it is an inconvenience
      since you have so many other things to do ... Meet
      your neighbors now, not the week you move in. Let
      them know point blank that they are free to question
      anyone on your property. The neighboring young new
      couple had expensive things stolen from their house
      (whole central air/heating system) because they were
      never ever there in a one years time of
      construction. ..
      3. Same for your contractors -- let them know that a)
      you demand they work behind locked door, no matter how
      much of an inefficent hassle it is; b) no friendliness
      to strangers you have not specficially pointed out to
      them are on the ok to fraternize with list, not even
      the elderly woman in the floral apron with a plate of
      home-baked cookies who claims to be your mother, and
      c) they must call the cops immediately.

      Have a good nite and be safe.
      p.s. By the way, anyone else get a call last nite, on
      Sun nite at 9:30pm(!), from a woman who uses your name
      to address you and looking to see if you had any
      reading materials to put outside for a literary
      donation drive of some sort?

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    • khenderson029@aol.com
      Good Morning All: This incident is very troubling and reminds me about an attempted robbery in the nail salon at Hechinger Mall two weeks ago. Around closing
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 3, 2007
        Good Morning All:
        This incident is very troubling and reminds me about an attempted robbery in the nail salon at Hechinger Mall two weeks ago. Around closing time (7:30 p.m. or so) a young man (18-20) asked if the salon had a phone, which I thought was a strange question but did not think much about it. Commissioner Henderson gave him a business card and he left. Ten minutes later he called the salon from his cell phone and then returned to rob the place. We startled him when he started rifling through the drawers where the salon personnel usually keep the days receipts and cash. He left empty-handed. If we had paid more attention we would have called the police as soon as he asked that ridiculous question about whether the salon had a phone.
        Trish's assessment is correct; no one would walk in the way the young assailant did to inquire about buying a house and no reasonable person would walk into a nail salon and ask if they have a phone? It is far better to err on the side of caution and call the police at the first sign of suspicion. The holiday season is just around the corner and I am certain the criminals are gearing up to take what does not belong to them. Be careful and do not dismiss first instincts that something is not right.

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