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Community 1st Employment Opportunity was a HUGE Success

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  • predestined1974
    I am happy to share Community 1st Employment Opportunity was a Huge Success. We had 75+ applicants sign in. I look forward to sharing how many people the
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      I am happy to share Community 1st Employment Opportunity was a Huge Success.  We had 75+ applicants sign in.  I look forward to sharing how many people the companies actually employ.

      The employers were interviewing on the spot.  The participants were very happy about the opportunity and left with a wealth of information and the opportunity to have been interviewed on the spot.  I am sure this was a huge confidence booster.  Based on the feedback it was.

      I am so proud of young adult community of 5D02 for showing up from Simms  Place, Meigs Place, Holbrook St., Raum St, Mt. Olivet and Trinidad Ave.  We even had people come from other parts of Ward 5 but even from Wards 6, 7, 8 and a couple from Ward 4.  This event was not exclusive to young adults.  Men and women of all ages attended.

      I am very thankful for my Sponsor Lindsay Snow of KIPP DC who provided the venue.  But most importantly offered jobs for teachers and had their vendors MCN Build, Whelan Security and PMM Cleaning Companies accepting applications, resumes and interviewing on the spot.

      Dir. Trinidad Rec. Anthony Higgingbotham and his team care about Trinidad and I really appreciate them along with David Hooper for helping pass the word.  Jeanette Mobley, McDuffie's Chief of Staff for helping me get in contact with the right person from Department of Employment Services, DOES.  Mr. Gerren Price DOES/Deputy Director, Mrs. Bridgett James DOES/Program Director American Job Centers did an outstanding job providing a wealth of information.  They all made me DC proud.

      Principal Sean Yisrael from Roosevelt StayHigh School brought a team to share all the opportunities they have available for adult learning.  From Culinary, Business, Barbering and Cosmetology to getting a High School Diploma or GED.

      Not Only did Geico come and offer opportunities, they also shared opportunities for employment in some of their partner automobile repair shops.

      The day could not have run smooth without Simone Boyd who greeted everyone at the door giving them 5 tips for making a good first impression and Interviewing tips.  Along with Deonn Henderson, Investor/Entrepreneur giving advice and general overview to everyone who came.

      I almost forgot to add we even had a Sign Language Interpreter Melanie Orr Graduate Student at Gallaudet University.  She is so amazing last year she graduated with her B.A., Summa Cum Laude from Gallaudet.

      Invitations were sent to several elected officials but due to the timing the date did not fit their schedule.  But we look forward to scheduling more events I'm sure given more time that they will be happy to participate.

      We were very honored that Councilmember/ Democratic Nominee Muriel Bowser was able to accept our invitation and she came, spent time listening and sharing information.  People really appreciated seeing her their and having the opportunity to speak with her one on one.

      I would like to give a very special thank you to Commander Dierdre Porter and Captain Wright.  They have been very supportive of all activities in 5D and they encourage any event giving back to the community.  

      Commisioner Vonetta Dumas, 5D02




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