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suspicious guy showing up on V St NW (PSA 501)

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  • scott@scott-roberts.net
    See the Email below that I received this afternoon from a resident on the unit block of V Street NW, south side, in Bloomingdale (PSA 501). I thought that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2007
      See the Email below that I received this afternoon from a resident on the unit block of V Street NW, south side, in Bloomingdale (PSA 501).   I thought that I would post it here on the MPD 5D list for a broad audience.
      -- Scott Roberts

      Alerting the neighborhood of a suspicious character who  just popped up


      I live on V street NW -- near the alley that's like maybe 30 feet from North Capitol Street NW.
      Earlier this week, this random guy knocks on my tenants door at like 7am. (she and her roommate live in my downstairs unit. I'm the owner of the house)

      So this skinny fellow knocks on her downstairs door and warns her that she is about to get a ticket. She thanks him, and moves her car before the ticket lady reached her car. My tenant later thought, "How did this guy know that that was my car, and how did he know where I lived?" She didn't put too much more thought into it.

      Two days later, this same guy is knocking at her door again. This time when she answers the door and he bolts down the street at full speed. She closes her door scared and worried. She then calls me and my wife to tell us about the incident. We live in the upper unit.

      Today the guys knocks on the door again. She immediately calls me and I ran down there. I couldn't even get my shoes on good. I'm 6'4, 230 lbs, black as a falcon. He seemed nervous when he saw me. I asked, "Do I know you" as I approached him. He immediately says the reason he was there is because he was trying to prevent someone from breaking into "the light skin girls car"

      He backs away, and saying he just wanted to alert her. Said his name was Taj. The car he pointed to wasn't her car by the way. He then left.

      I'm not sure if this is a thief or a rapist in the making, but he seems to be plotting the times my tenant is and isn't home and she is terrified. I should have took a picture of him with my phone but I'll do my best to describe him in case any other people in the neighborhood have similar experiences.

      He knocks on the door pretty early. Like between 6:30 and 7:30 am. He is about 5'10. He's black but looks like he could be mixed with a splash of middle eastern because of his hair texture and skin color. He's like a alburnish kind of black. His hair from a distance looks short and nappy but when you get up to him, he looks more mixed. He is snoop dogg skinny. Like maybe 150. Looks like he could be in his late 20's, early 30's. He wears a dark blue mechanic shop outfit. He looks like he could work at that auto store on Rhode Island right before you get to the home depot / Giant parking lot.

      The last time we had a character like this in the neighborhood, we later found out that it was a petty hustler that was going to everyone's home late at night with the same sob story to get money from people. He would steal tools from peoples houses. That con artist has since been arrested but it was because of the awareness and the discussions brought forth because of the daily Bloomingdale eNews letter. Please alert the community of this character Taj. I hope it's nothing, but you can never be too sure.
      V Street NW resident
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