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Re: [MPD-5D] The Fire Department is responsible for fireworks in the District of Columbia

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  • Matt Ashburn
    Commander Groomes (of 1D) responded to a similar question on the 1D listserv in July. She stated that the entire first district did not have a report of
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 30, 2007
      Commander Groomes (of 1D) responded to a similar question on the 1D
      listserv in July. She stated that the entire first district "did not
      have a report of injury due to fireworks during the night" of the
      fourth of July. In addition, she stated that "many citizens are still
      under the impression that what [illegal fireworks] they possessed are

      Instead of creating more legislation, the city should work on
      increased enforcement and public outreach to ensure that citizens are
      aware of current law (as, apparently, some violators are ignorant of
      the current law). Even those who are most adament about banning *all*
      fireworks (including sparklers), may not understand that the very loud
      and/or "dangerous" fireworks are already illegal. Currently, those
      who use illegal fireworks-- according to DCFD's website-- can face a
      fine of up to $1000 and/or arrest.

      Below is a list of fireworks that are illegalunder *existing* law.
      After reading it, I honestly don't feel that creating more legislation
      is the best and more efficient solution. The "problem" isn't all
      fireworks; the problem is that some persons are using illegal
      fireworks and eith are ignorant of the law or the law isn't enforced.


      List of CURRENTLY ILLEGAL fireworks from
      http://fems.dc.gov/fems/cwp/view,a,3,q,636583.asp :

      Illegal Fireworks Characteristics

      -Any fireworks that move.
      -Any fireworks that explode.
      -Any fireworks that emit a spark or flame greater than 12 inches.
      -Any fireworks that have a side mounted fuse or a fuse inserted at any
      point along the length of the
      product's surface.
      -Any fireworks that contain mercury, arsenic, magnesium, phosphorus,
      or any other highly oxidizing agent.
      -Any fireworks that the Fire Marshal considers to be dangerous to the
      safety of any person or property.

      Examples of Illegal Fireworks

      -Cherry Bombs
      -Roman Candles
      -Floral Shells
      -Artillery Shells
      -Sparklers greater than 20 inches long
      -Bottle Rockets
      -Buzz Bombs
      -Jumping Jacks
      -Anything that is similar to these products.

      On 8/30/07, Vaughn-Lee, Fayette (MPD) <Fayette.Vaughn-Lee@...> wrote:
      > The Fire Marshall's Office is responsible for fireworks in the District
      > of Columbia and has the information concerning fires/injuries/citations
      > for July 4; requests are researched and may take up to 10 days to gather
      > the information. Contact the Fire Marshall 441 4th Street NW,
      > Washington, DC 20001 (202) 727-1600 or email the Fire Marshall at
      > gary.palmer@...
      > Fayette Vaughn-Lee
      > 5D Community Outreach Coordinator
      > 202 698-0188
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      > Subject: [MPD-5D] Re: [Eckington] Fireworks Ban in DC -- statistics
      > needed
      > I appreciate the legislative update from Kathy.
      > Does MPD have statistics concerning the following: (a) the
      > number of firework-related injuries on July 4, 2007, (b) the
      > number of house or car fires attributable to fireworks on July
      > 4, 2007, (b) the number of citations given on July 4, 2007,
      > pursuant to current law that already bans the most popular
      > fireworks.
      > Kris Hammond
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